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Why Move to Nampa, Idaho or Anywhere in the Treasure Valley

Why Move to Nampa, Idaho?

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here in Nampa, Idaho. I’m going through my newsfeed again and finding all these things that make me wonder what’s happening. Why would people move to Nampa or other places in the Treasure Valley? Are there many people moving to Idaho? Let’s take a look. 

"Growing Idaho by the Numbers: Who's Moving Here and From Where?"

This story is from our friends over at Channel 7. They say family is a big reason so many people are moving to the Gem State: Idaho. And I can imagine that’s precisely true. 

Population Boom

They also say Idaho was 10th in the nation for a population boom. Just last year, it went up to 1.8%. If you’re California with 40+ million people, 1.8% is a lot of people. But we don’t have 2 million people here, so 1.8% is not that many. In fact, it is about 34,000 people. You guys got that many people in line in front of you at Starbucks, so it’s a small number.

Where Are These Folks Coming From?

The obvious guess would be California, but is that true? 

The writer did some more research, and they found out, yes, tons of people are moving from California, but the net migration could be higher. 

So they’re looking at Ada County and comparing it to Sacramento County. It’s a fair comparison. They said so many people moved from one to the other and vice versa, but the net difference showed that 67 people moved from Ada County to Sacramento County.

Other Net Migration Figures

Texas and Phoenix Areas

I can see that because Phoenix is turning into Southern California but slightly to the east.

Florida and Twin Falls Areas

Now, that’s strange. Sure, the old Tri-Cities area, I can see that.

And why would people move here from Twin Falls? Well, one thing, the weather’s better. But Twin Falls is lovely, too.

What About Canyon County?

Well, that is a fair question. More people came from Ada County to Canyon County than any other county in the entire country. Now, why is that?

Well, they addressed some of that here. But they also said that some of the other counties we see are from Salt Lake City, Los Angeles County, Santa Clara County, and Stanislaus.

Are More People Coming From California?

Can we expect many more Californians to seek refuge in Idaho? Maybe. So this is from our friends at KLIX, who said the departure from the West Coast could accelerate soon. And this is more esoteric.

They’re talking about different things, different events that could happen, like with supply chains in China. This Washington Examiner columnist explains that many believe a crisis or two brewing could force people out of the West Coast. And Texas and Arizona are places where many people from California are going. Still, the more conservative people from California seem to be landing in Idaho.

The representative for Americans for Prosperity said she agreed this would result in a more profound political shade of red, meaning more conservative. This doesn’t bode well for the moderate Republicans. (That’s code for rhinos.) If you don’t know about rhinos, we’ll talk about that when driving around looking at houses.

Idaho Is One of the Best US States

So this is from KIDO Radio, notably Kevin Miller. He says that US News says Idaho is one of the best states in America. Well, of course, we already knew that. He says that every year, the folks over at US News and World Report publish a report finding the best places in the country to live. 

What I found interesting here is where Idahoans are moving out, namely:

1. Washington State

2. Utah

3. Oregon 

US News also reported that the first two states outranked Idaho regarding the best places to live due to fiscal stability, crime, and infrastructure. I’m still trying to figure that out, but anyway… Why would people be leaving Idaho to go to Oregon and Washington State? 

And you know what? Utah is turning to that purple color — at least politically. I’m sure they still live a conservative lifestyle, but politically? Boy, howdy, are they turning purple. So I think maybe the people leaving Idaho to go to those three places are part of the mix making Idaho more red and conservative.

California Gaining the Wrong Attention

Again, from KIDO radio, our buddy Kevin Miller mentioned that California continues to gain national attention for all the wrong reasons. And he has a list of five honest reasons why never to move to California. I suggest you check this out on their website, but other things popped up today. And this got me in this chair today.

New California Law

California has already passed a new law that will likely happen next year. Californians’ electric bills will soon be based on their income. Does anybody know Marxism, communism, the Manifesto, and all that? It doesn’t matter how much electricity you use — it matters how much income you have.

The concept of an electricity bill based on your tax bracket is entirely foreign to the American consumer experience. If you’re in California, you better get used to it because it is coming. And it’s not a guess. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s already been signed into law by your governor. And Lord help us, he doesn’t become president.

Well, of course, the government is going to have to know. PG&E and other utility providers must know how much money you make. They’ll have to make sure you’re not lying too. So they will have to have that cross-checked with the IRS and stuff like that.

So this law was hastily approved by the California legislature, signed by Governor Newsom, and put California on the pioneering path. You guys will be the first state in the nation to factor wealth into this unpopular monthly bill.

New Law Implementation

As I said, implementation could still be a year away. But you know, the government wants to do this as soon as possible because of the budget deficits they talk about later in this article. And this applies to investor-owned utilities such as PG&E.

They said SMUD wouldn’t get this because SMUD is a public power agency. But if you’re SMUD and you see PG & E start raking in the bucks, and the infrastructure’s already in place, that may change too. So don’t get too comfortable if you’re living in Sacramento. Here’s a word, too: equitable.

Equitable Electric Bills

Electricity bills will be more equitable. So that means that… well, it’s Marxism. It’s like whatever you can afford to pay is what you will pay.

Let’s say that you make good money. In California, you have to make good money to afford housing. What it looks like on paper is like, “Oh my gosh, you must be rich.”

But what if you’re that guy living in a tent with a window air conditioner hanging out the side? He can use as much electricity as you do but has no income, so he’ll have no electric bill. He can use as much as he wants. And maybe he’ll plug in his Tesla, and it won’t cost him a penny.

Electric Cars in California

How much is it going to cost you? Oh, you thought you would save money by buying an electric car. Well, you have to be rich to afford an electric vehicle. The government gave you a $7,500 rebate to make things easier.

But you know, it’s more of a mental thing. It’s more of showing the world that you’re environmentally conscious. You’ve gone green. Well, you’re going green and your green’s going down the street. Because the more you make, the more the utility company will take.

Surprised Idea Maker

So the guy that came up with this, Mr. Bornstein, was surprised, shocked, stunned, and amazed that this law went through. Well, that’s the power of ideas, huh? You put an idea out there, and then some politician goes, “Wow, why didn’t we think of that? Let’s make it happen.” 

He goes on to say that utility bills are already a form of taxation. Is that right? So what’s a big thing about taxes? The IRS Code and Congress use taxes to influence societal change. At one point, they wanted more people to own homes, giving mortgage tax breaks to incentivize people to buy homes. So if the government already has a track record of using taxes and tax laws to change society, we already saw that they want to use this to make it more “equitable,” a buzzword for Marxism. 

So not only will the government be doing these things to create more equity, but they will also do it to take more money from the rich and let the poor skate by and have no responsibility for their impact on the environment. And now, the government is going to be using private investor-owned utilities. What do you call it when the government uses private corporations to inflict the will of the government? Oh, that’s fascism. 

So you got Marxism, communism, fascism, totalitarianism — all right here in California. Why would you have to go all the way to… I don’t know, red China? Unless Hunter has an extra seat on the plane, maybe you want to go. But wow, you’re going to have everything right here in California. 

Largest Utility Bill Overhaul in Californian History

California has already set in motion what is arguably the most significant utility bill overhaul in state history. It will impact residential customers served by PG&E, Southern Cal Edison, and San Diego Gas and Electric and may create a template for other states to consider.

Communism is coming at you full throttle. That would imply a gas engine. That’s not appropriate. But anyway…

Idaho Is Still a Great Place

There are only a few people who have moved here. But you know what? That could change too. If things keep getting as wacky as they are in California, I could see more people leaving, except for people experiencing homelessness. Why would they move? It’s great weather, incredible scenery, and it doesn’t cost them a penny.

Want to Move to Nampa?

I’d like to hear what you have to say about this topic. And if you’d like more information on what it’s like to be up here, give me a call, text, email — whatever it takes. 

I lived in California, and many of my past clients have moved to Nampa like I did. We’re all delighted here. And if you want to be happy as well, contact us

As always, Treasure Valley Dave, looking forward to helping you get home to Idaho.

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