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What’s So Fantastic About the Weather in Nampa, ID?

What's the Weather Like in Nampa, ID?

Hey! Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here. Today, we’re exploring what’s it like to live in a small town like Nampa, Idaho. We will mainly focus on the weather in Nampa, ID.

Weather at the Airport

Where is the weather more important than at the airport? I expect it’s crucial for that guy in the distance to know the weather — at least here and wherever he’s going. It looks like a beautiful day for such a thing.

Four Seasons in Nampa

Regarding weather, we’ve got four seasons right here in Nampa, all of which are mild. On average, we have about two weeks above triple digits in the summer and get a little cold in the winter in Nampa. However, overall, it’s alright. Plus, we have all this sunshine. We got over 200 days a year of sunshine, like today.

Is It Windy?

What’s another great thing about living in Idaho, especially in the Treasure Valley? We have very little wind, which is nice. Sure, we occasionally have a few windy days, but it’s different from what you’ll find in Utah, Wyoming, and the Midwest. Why is that? Because these mountains block the wind that comes down from Canada, these are just the first part of the mountains.

Mountains Protect Nampa from Harsh Conditions

They go on for miles and miles and are a huge buffer. We don’t get that much wind here, so we don’t get tornadoes. Our region doesn’t experience harsh weather conditions. Even during winter, we don’t have to endure the extreme cold. After growing up in Nebraska and going through many Nebraska winters, I know what I’m talking about. And you know what? 

Our winters are nothing like that.

Nampa, Idaho, on the Map

We’re talking about the weather, and here’s our cute little valley here, but what do we have all around us? We have buttes right around here, but you zoom out a bit, and we have the big enchilada right here. 

As you can see, these mountains protect us from that nasty Canadian blast that comes down here, through the Midwest, all the way down to Texas, with deadly results often in the middle of winter. As for people living in Nampa, we are so well-protected. 

When these winds come down here, Twin Falls gets quite a bit of it, but right here, they call it the banana belt. I’m not sure why because it’s not tropical, but for a northern state that borders Canada, I’d say, it’s as tropical as we’re going to get.

Low Humidity

We’ve got low humidity here. It’s a high desert, so that’s what you’d expect. We have tons of water, but if you’ve ever been in the midwest or down south in the summer, 100 degrees plus 100% humidity, my gosh. It’s like you’re more wet when you step outside than when you jump out of the pool. Wow! 

I love it here due to the low humidity. Nampa, Idaho is a high desert. That low humidity is excellent. 

Water Supply

We have plenty of water. Why is that? Because all these mountains have all this snow kept up there nicely. Then, the snow melts gradually throughout spring and summer, keeping us very wet.

Wrapping Up

Please help me out and subscribe to this channel and like this video. That means so much. I appreciate you for that, and thanks for coming along today. 

For other questions on how to buy or sell your house in Nampa or anywhere in Treasure Valley, head over to our website and contact us. Until next time, hey, this is Treasure Valley Dave; looking forward to helping you get home. 

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