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What Treasure Valley Dave Learned After Moving to Idaho

Moving to Idaho from California

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here in Nampa, Idaho. Yes, this is my “moving to Idaho” relocation story. This month marks the 10th anniversary since I escaped California and moved to Idaho. I moved back to America, and I’m so glad I did.

Along this journey that I had after leaving California and moving to the Treasure Valley, I learned some significant things that you’re going to find interesting. Stick around to the end because I want to share with you six awesome things to do in order to find happiness in life. And I learned these mainly from moving to Idaho.

But now, let’s get right into my relocation journey story.

Treasure Valley's Relocation Journey


So yes, we left California in 2013. We had a modest little abode there. Then, we did all the packing and organizing — that was so much work. The obligatory garage sale sign went in. What a banner day.

We were sleeping on air mattresses, living on butterfly chairs, ready for showings at any moment. The first two deals fell out. It was a long, hot summer.

This is how we lived. Nothing was going on; that’s why we left. If this is the culture people want to be in and put up with, so be it. I chose not to be part of that anymore, so we loaded up the family and left.

California is not where I wanted to raise my daughter. This is not where I wanted to have my retirement. This is different from the culture that speaks to me. And it’s not just the violence, but also this visual graffiti that we see everywhere and whatever that means. Some are gang graffiti, some are forms of self-expression, but it’s a never-ending problem.

Well, I left my great job as the president of a TV station and some great friends in the city. Some of them moved to Idaho or other places around the country. Others are still thinking about moving to Idaho from California. I hope they make that journey soon.

My job was so much fun, but we had to make sacrifices. We had to have a better quality of life. And on our first day in Idaho, oh my gosh, what a blessing that was. We were so tired we barely crawled into the house. Then, everyone relaxed, went out, and enjoyed the sites, taking it all in.

Not long after that, we had our first winter, Christmas, and snow in Idaho. Gosh, what a treat that was. I don’t even remember it being all that cold.


Then, in 2014, we settled in a little bit. Food was still a big thing, and we finally unpacked the books. Whoop, whoop. My daughter blossomed as a student and as a new driver in Idaho. And then we bought a new house.


Oh, we were exploring Idaho in 2015. Again, we ate our way across the valley. I kicked back and took life easy. There were culturally significant things going on in Idaho that we experienced.

I got a part-time job helping people get to their appointments and then took up truck driving. Well, why not?


I was finding things to do in 2016. I got bored as a retiree, so I took up truck driving and traveled around quite a bit. But I always loved returning to Idaho, especially for some important events, like my daughter’s high school graduation.

Christmas came yet again, and then I got into real estate. Severe winter pushed me out of the truck and into real estate. That was a pretty rough winter, but spring was great. Oh yeah, my wife took up shooting.

Ah, back to real estate, helping other people out. We went to Caldwell for Christmas. We enjoyed Idaho with friends and family. Oh, there’s my Keller Williams family. Some more great friends, out looking at properties for people. Everyone’s just having a great time. Oh, I won an award for real estate in one event, but you know me — I’m not about that. Oh, great times in Idaho.


Out and about Idaho in 2019. This is where we started getting more involved with everything. There’s a sunrise service out at Lizard Butte and some stuff in downtown Nampa. People came to visit because they liked Idaho as well.

We also did cultural activities in downtown Boise and ate across the valley. Then, we went to Caldwell and had more fun at Christmas time.


COVID hit Idaho in 2020. So, there was no toilet paper in Walmart. We took up a subscription to the local newspaper, so that worked out fine. But I tell you what, Idahoans are having none of that nonsense — and they still won’t.

There’s my friend having a good time outside, and everything is still open. We’re still eating my way across the valley, out shopping, hanging out with friends, doing real estate, and taking a nap.


In 2021, Idaho is still normal. People built, and businesses hired like crazy. Everywhere you go, everyone’s hiring. People are still having fun with their hot rods as well. We’re out here picking flowers, eating like pigs. And there we are, enjoying Christmas with no snow.

We also went to an animal-themed state fair. It was so much fun, and everybody was normal. I loved it. Oh, someone partied too much there.


Idaho — it does grow on you. I did more real estate, became more prosperous, and enjoyed all the views. This is what I love about Idaho winters. Later that same day, it all goes away. Spring is beautiful.

The community always comes out for all these great things. Man, Nampa is fantastic. Treasure Valley is excellent.

6 Ways to Find Happiness in Idaho

Do you remember those six things that will bring happiness to your life that I learned while moving to Idaho? Here they are:

1. Eat Right

Well, this one I just learned recently. Eat right, drop a couple extra pounds, and you’ll feel much better. You’re going to sleep so much better.

Cut out the sugars. You don’t eat all that much. Once in a while, as a treat, that’s okay.

2. Read a Non-Fiction Book

Make that a habit. Every day, read at least a couple of pages; it keeps the brain going. Doggone it; you might learn something.

3. Be a Friend

It doesn’t matter if you have few friends. If you are a friend, you’ve got more friends than you could imagine. And if it’s good friends, people who care about you, that’s awesome.

4. Be You

Don’t try to be somebody else like the people you see on YouTube or TikTok. Just be you, and people in Idaho will like you the way you are. You’re going to become a better friend. You’re going to be happier with yourself.

5. Help Others

People need help, whether they know it or not. Just do something nice, like pay for someone else’s coffee. There are many opportunities to help others in the Treasure Valley. Do whatever you can, whether it’s time or money. You’re going to feel better, and your community will feel better.

6. Avoid Stressful Situations

What does that mean? Well, for me, it meant getting the heck out of California. California was stressing me out, and I wouldn’t have it, so I took action. And you could take action as well.

If you’re in a stressful situation, figure out how to get out of it. It may not happen overnight, but a plan will bring that stress down.

Want to Move to Idaho?

Let us know if you want to check out the Boise area, Nampa, Caldwell, or other towns. We’ve got a lot of great resources. We’d be glad to help you out however we can. Give us a call, text, email, or check out some more great videos on our YouTube channel.

When it comes time to sell a home, buy a home, or even relocate to the Treasure Valley. Your Treasure Valley Dave team is your real estate expert by your side, helping you get home. Thanks for stopping by!

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