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What It’s Really Like Living in Nampa, Idaho

What Is It Like Living in Nampa, Idaho?

What I wanted to showcase today is just what it’s really like living here in Nampa, Idaho day to day. If you’re thinking about Idaho, maybe it’s a place that you want to check out because you’ve heard a lot of good things about it give me a call or send a text to 208-860-2004 or email our team at info@tresurevalleydave.com we’ve all moved here from someplace else and we’re all so absolutely glad that we did.

Centennial Golf Course in Nampa

So here we are at one of Nampa’s golf courses. We’re kind of up on a little plateau and from here you can see: 

A Saint Al’s Hospital

The Amazon Distribution Center

The Ford Idaho Center

The Idaho Center AutoMall

A Walmart

The Lactalis Cheese Factory

And a whole view of the Treasure Valley. 

Right now we’re in the dead of winter and it’s only about 39 degrees. Which isn’t bad! I’m just wearing my Treasure Valley Dave-issued flannel shirt and I feel just fine walking around outside. It’s a little cloudy, but it’s winter.

WinCo Foods

If you’ve never experienced what a WinCo is, it’s about to rock your world! They’ve got a great selection of food and they have great prices too. If you want to call it a downside, you have to bag your groceries, but you know for the money that you save it’s not bad. They have one of these where I lived in California and my friend there says he can only go at about 2 a.m because it’s so incredibly packed all the time. Sometimes it’s not just customers but also beggars. 

There are some new apartments across the street. It used to just be a field when we first moved here! 

Happy Valley Park 

This is not a 55+ community, so anybody can live here. It’s pretty darn clean here! There’s a little shortage of parking so people are just parking kind of where they can, but you know this is cheap living. I wouldn’t worry about living here and I say that compared to I don’t know, mobile home parks back in California? I wouldn’t bet my life on living in one of those! 

Near Lakeview Water Park

Right now we’re over here in the old part of town on the north side of the railroad tracks, and behind me is the Lakeview Water Park. We’ve shot many videos over there. It’s a nice park with plenty of places to sit and nice basketball courts. This is the older part of town, let’s go check it out some more!

Idaho Arts Charter School

This building over here is the Idaho Arts Charter School. It’s a public school, but it’s a charter school for the performing arts. This school’s got a huge campus! If you have any kids that go to school there or know anybody that does, I’d be curious to know more about what it’s like! 

If you lived over in this area, you’d just be a block or two from the park with big mature trees. It’s a clean park in an area where the HOA isn’t coming by and measuring your grass. People here just keep their stuff up!

Exploring the South Side of Nampa

We’re over here on the south side of town south of the train tracks now. Here it’s just about a block or so off of the main drag and just a couple of blocks from the Albertsons. These old houses have so much character. Some of them need some fixing up, but a lot of them are in really good shape! The way prices have gone, they’re a little bit more expensive. 

This is the kind of neighborhood where you know you have kids in the traditional American 1950s kind of lifestyle. That’s kind of what it’s like over here. Typically, these houses have egress windows downstairs, so the full basements will usually have livable square footage. These kinds of houses don’t come on the market as often as new construction homes. You can go pick up a new construction today and be in it in 30 days, but if you wanted a big old house you might have to wait around for a while for it to come on the market.


If the smaller towns are starting to catch your eye, you should definitely check out Fruitland. You can download the free guide to the small town right here.

Somewhat Older Houses

This is a little bit older of a neighborhood not as old as the last one we visited, they’re a little older than something built today. This neighborhood has nice big houses, a lot of three-car garages, and people are keeping their place up pretty nicely. The houses have good-sized yards, so if you had to live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood, maybe this wouldn’t be quite so bad. It even has its tennis courts! The lots are wide enough that people can easily park their RVs on either side. These are nice-looking homes! Houses like these don’t come on the market very often, and maybe even more so now because of the seasonality and interest rates that are going up.

Newer Houses

These are homes that you can get now. Some of them are built right away, maybe they’re spec homes or inventory homes. Some of these you can even have custom built just the way you like it. Some of the houses have an RV bay which is certainly nice! 

In Closing

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about the day in life in Nampa, Idaho, and exploring some of the neighborhoods. I don’t want to be a restaurant reviewer. I want to show you guys what it’s like to live in these different places. I hope you got a taste of Nampa and now have a realistic idea of what it’s like here. If you think Nampa, or anywhere else in the Treasure Valley might be the place for you, then feel free to give me a call at 208-860-2004 or email me at info@treasurevalleydave.com. You can also download some of our free resources which will be sure to help you make the best out of your move! Well, as always, this is Treasure Valley Dave looking forward to helping you get home!

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