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First Winter in Nampa, Idaho: Bob and Donna’s Thoughts


Hey everyone, it’s Treasure Valley Dave here. I wanted to give you some hope in case you think winters are terrible in Nampa, Idaho. This excellent family shares how their first winter in Nampa, Idaho went! 

First Winter in Idaho

Dave: Alright, Bob and Donna, you came from a sunny place, right? 

Bob and Donna: Yes, we did! 

Dave: You probably never saw freezing temperatures? 

Bon and Donna: Never or not very often in California.

Dave: So, you are going through your first winter in the Treasure Valley, and we have had some cold days. What did you think? 

Bob and Donna: We loved it! The snow day was terrific. It wasn’t too wet, so we were surprised that you could drive okay on the streets. The streets didn’t get so clogged that you needed snow chains to make your way around. 

How’s the Traffic?

Dave: Did you have any traffic accidents or anything like that? 

Bob and Donna: We have yet to see very many. Most people know how to drive in the snow, and the roads are surprisingly clear. The main roads were always drivable, even with several inches of the first snow. There’s just enough snow to make it beautiful, and you can get the kids out to make little snow people or a fort, but it doesn’t keep you housebound, and you can still get out to do what you need. We also love the view of the mountains with the snow cap on them. It’s so beautiful. 

Dave: You used to live in Paradise, where it would always be sunny, right? 

Bob and Donna: Well, winter in Paradise got old, especially with the excessive heat. Then when we lived in Washington State, it rained week after week. So the nice thing about Nampa, Idaho, is that you’ll get snow or wind, or whatever the condition, but it will only last for a while and won’t blow you away.

What About the Cold Temperatures?

Bob and Donna: There was only one time when we went out that there was a bit of ice. There was also freezing rain, but that was the only time we have seen freezing rain this winter. And we did have to take the ice off our windshield, but we got home okay. It doesn’t stay cold all the time. It sometimes gets up in the 40s, and we saw some 20s too, but it’s back and forth. We often see the sun when it’s cold, so it doesn’t seem like winter. We were concerned about needing snow tires and chains to get out, but we discovered we didn’t need them. Of course, I don’t go to work at five o’clock in the morning, but we haven’t had any issues. 

Final Thoughts

That was Bob and Donna! Aren’t they great? If you’re thinking about Idaho, or if it’s a place you want to check out because you’ve heard many good things about it, feel free to contact us. Give me a call or send a text to 208-860-2004 or email our team at info@tresurevalleydave.com. We’ve all moved here from somewhere else and are thrilled that we did.

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