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Weekly Update from the Treasure Valley Dave Team


Weekly Update with the Treasure Valley Dave Team

Well our team has had a heck of a week! Being busy is always good, and we love being busy helping people move to Idaho. Here’s some things our team did this week!

Mareen’s Weekly Update
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After a slight delay and many homes to look at, your wonderful clients from North Dakota found the perfect home for their family in meridian. Wrote an offer on Monday and got accepted on Tuesday before lunch, Yeah it’s packing time.
It was great checking out some 55+ communities, I could see myself living in one of those in the future. 
Another Idahoan at heart expressed concerns about moving out of state and not knowing anyone. I was so happy to say that he already knows us and that he will meet many more Idahoans at heart at our client appreciation party… we are happy to connect people. For example, We had a teacher from AZ that had questions about the application process here in Idaho and after we connected them it was just a matter of a few weeks and she secured a great position in Nampa. 

Steven’s Weekly Update
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showed a home in Kuna. It was a cute home. It is just under 1200 sq ft. This 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage, new flooring and paint throughout, has pasture land behind it, and beyond the pasture is a public park, for $399k! House pic below.

House for Sale in Kuna, Idaho (Won’t Last Long!)
I changed the garage codes for 2 homes that have closed with us in the last few days, so that the previous owners or contractors would not have access to the home. The buyers are from out of state and were not in town for the closing, so I am making sure that the home is secured and ready for them to get moved in. Also, I am vacuuming, mopping, and blowing debris out of the garage. Even though it had been relatively clean, a few contractors didn’t clean up as well as I would have hoped… and when the new owners move in, they will need the place CLEAN so they can move furniture in without having to clean first.

Aaron’s Weekly Update

Aaron closed out his week with a bang by bringing in Donuts on National Donut Day from Goatstar Donuts and Coffee. He claims he’s not trying to make a habit out of it but this is the third consecutive Friday that he has brought them in…

He started the week off with a lot of updates to the website, for example the blog that you are reading right now. He’s taken a lot of our YouTube channel videos and converted those into various long form blog posts. His efforts have made us rank a little higher on Google which is always a tough hurdle to overcome!

Together with Dave he edited and posted two YouTube Videos. Check those out below:

We’ve finally hit 140 members of our Idahoans at Heart Facebook Group and wanted to invite you to join the group as well! This is a safe place for people to ask questions about Idaho, especially if you’re living out of state with plans to move soon!

Dave has been super busy this week so he won’t be contributing, but you can still watch those videos above!

As a team we were able to go to lunch with Darin Ramp at Kahootz Steak and Ale House (see photo below) with Williamette Valley Bank. It was great catching up with Darin! He always does great work for our clients. Three of us got the Pork Belly tacos (they were delicious) and the other two got the sirloin steak sandwich which also was super good! We’re looking forward to going back so that we can try their Grinder sandwich…we saw it get brought out to the table next to us and our jaws dropped!

Darin Ramp Takes Treasure Valley Dave to Lunch

Probably our favorite highlight was going to The Orchard House in Caldwell with some past clients Bob and Donna. You can read their relocation story (they moved to Idaho from California) right here... okay let’s be honest. Bob and Donna took us out to lunch! we’ll pick up the tab next time! (Donna is just too sneaky with the check!) If you go to the Orchard House, you HAVE to get a pretzel and their cranberry mustard!! SO GOOD!


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