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one treasure valley, different relocation stories

We help people become local Treasure Valley area homeowners as they enjoy our quality of life in a place they’ll love to call home. We’re looking forward to adding your story to our growing list of happy clients.

“And we just want to thank you (Treasure Valley Dave)… having you around was like having our own personal tour guide for the community so we do appreciate your time and effort.” 

– Brian

(Do you have any recommendations for other people in California?) “Well, come on up! Check out some guy named Dave Edwards. He’s from California himself so he knows exactly how you feel. And he’s friendly, honest… and we made a friend” 

– Nick

“It’s very pretty. All of the people are very nice, especially our Realtor (Treasure Valley Dave).”

– Nora

“He (Treasure Valley Dave) was really awesome.” 

– Brandon

“I have to mention that it was not on our list of houses to look at but you (Treasure Valley Dave) found it for us, so we’re very happy here.” 

– Aaron

(Would you recommend Treasure Valley Dave?) “Definitely, he’s been very friendly, and very helpful, and helped take me all over the valley, trying to find a house, so that helped a lot.” 

– Debbie

“He (Treasure Valley Dave) did great!” 

– Chase

(How was your experience with your real estate agent?) “Well, I gotta say one thing I’ve dealt with a lot of real estate agents in the last 15 to 20 years and Dave takes it to a whole different level. Dave takes you around, he helps you shop around, he tries to answer all your questions, he makes sure that he schedules everything prior to you getting there. He’s pretty non-biased in the whole thing, you know, he just you give him what you’re looking for and he’ll take you around to the places that you pretty much are looking for and that’s what we did.”

– Kel