Millions Voting with Their Feet


Millions are voting with their feet, moving out of urban hellscapes and into other states like Idaho. So what’s pushing them to relocate?

What is the Cost of Living in Boise, Idaho?


What is the cost of living in Boise, Idaho? Is it affordable? Will you be able to move to Idaho? How much will your bills be in Idaho? We give you a breakdown of it all right here!

Living in Mountain Home, Idaho

Living in Mountain Home, ID

If you want to work at Micron where should you live? Today we explore some locations that are great to consider, some that are soon to be built, and of course living in Mountain Home, ID!

Bob and Donna’s Move to Idaho


Considering moving to the Idaho area? Do you want to live in Boise? Thinking about leaving California? This family did it and you can too!

Are You Making These 4 Moving to Idaho Mistakes?


You’ve probably heard about moving mistakes people have made. You yourself have probably made some moving mistakes. Here’s 4 common mistakes people make when moving to Idaho. Moving to Idaho Mistake #1: not planning ahead If you’ve ever planned a move you know there can be a lot of layers. How much preparation you need […]