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Open Primary Ballots in Idaho: Who’s in Favor of That?

Open Primary Ballots in Idaho

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here in Nampa, Idaho. And there’s some stuff going on in Idaho that you need to know about. I think someone’s telling you some stories. And stick around to the end because we’ll find out who’s behind all this.

The Idaho Open Primary Initiative

Former Idaho Governor, Butch Otter, has endorsed an open primary ballot initiative, stating that numerous Republican former elected officials join him in support. This initiative has been in the spotlight, with many speculating its implications and motivations.

The Otters' Stance on Open Primaries

Butch Otter and former first lady Lori Otter have been vocal advocates of the open primary system, suggesting it’s more inclusive. They argue that closed primary systems have restricted many, including military veterans and independents, from having a say. They’ve been met with criticism and counterarguments, including references to Idaho’s free association rights and the history of its primary system.

Understanding the Open Primary Proposition

The proposition would change the current closed primary system. All candidates and voters could participate regardless of party affiliation. In the subsequent general election, the top four candidates from the primary, irrespective of party, would face off. Additionally, there’s a proposal to introduce ranked-choice voting.

The Controversy of Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked choice? Let me tell you, ranked choice is evil. Look at California. They’ve got this two-tier system, similar to what Butch Otter wants for us. What happens there? In general elections, it’s often a Democrat running against, guess what? Another Democrat. That entire chunk of conservative voices? Silenced.

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper. This whole shift towards ranked choice voting? It’s not just some minor change in how we vote. This is about reshaping Idaho’s political scene, pushing a progressive agenda.

It’s concerning how deep in the articles this critical change is buried. We’re not just talking about changing how we vote but transforming the fabric of our state’s politics.

Analyzing the Larger Picture

Other states, such as California, Oregon, and Washington, have adopted similar systems. The effectiveness and influence of such systems are often debated, with some believing they open doors for manipulation or unintended consequences.

The Underlying Force: Reclaim Idaho

Reclaim Idaho is a significant force behind this initiative. Despite claiming to be a grassroots movement, evidence suggests the organization has deep ties with left-leaning and Democratic groups. Luke Mayville, a co-founder, has an extensive background in political organizing and a clear progressive lean.

  • Academic and Political Activities: Luke, a co-founder of Reclaim Idaho, has a decorated educational history with expertise in political organizing, campaign strategy, and speech writing. He’s written papers and given talks about his progressive perspectives.
  • Awards and Recognition: In 2019, he received the Idaho Democrat Party Activist of the Year Award alongside other Reclaim Idaho co-founders. This award closely aligns with the Democratic Party’s values and goals.
  • Writings: His writings, like “Do Something Big: How Progressives Win and Rule America,” strongly hint at a progressive mindset and perhaps a blueprint for the changes he wishes to see in Idaho’s political landscape.
  • Reclaim Idaho and ActBlue: Further pointing to Reclaim Idaho’s left-leaning alliances, the organization processes its donations through ActBlue, a platform known for managing contributions to left-wing candidates and organizations.

This deep dive into Luke Mayville and Reclaim Idaho’s affiliations emphasizes the need for Idahoans to evaluate the open primary initiative’s implications and motivations critically.

Vote for Idaho

Idaho is at a crossroads. Californians and residents from other states who value conservative principles are encouraged to join Idaho’s fight against potentially transformative changes. With these new proposals, Idaho risks emulating states like California, potentially leading to a one-party system and the decline of core conservative values.

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