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Neighboring Towns of Nampa, Idaho: Caldwell, Kuna & Meridian

Visiting the Neighboring Towns of Nampa, Idaho

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here, and I want to look at what it’s like to live in small towns in Idaho. We will start with Nampa, Idaho and discuss some neighboring communities. 

Caldwell, Idaho

It’s a little sleepy right now, but this place comes to life. There’s so much to show. 

These older buildings are getting renovated and spiffed up and turned into charming restaurants, and there’s the old Indian Creek Steakhouse over there and the dance floor. So we’ve got some new places coming in, so you could live downtown among all the stuff happening. That’s pretty cool.

There is the Indian Creek, and a few little bridges that cross it. That’s such a cute little creek.

What to See in Caldwell

It’s starting to smell good, but one of the cool things about Caldwell is this excellent little plaza they’ve got. Oh, it’s not so little. They do quite a bit here. This is where in the wintertime, they have outdoor ice skating. Then they put on performances, I saw “SpongeBob: The Musical” up on the stage. There are also all sorts of little boutique places, so even though we’re in Nampa, we’re just a few minutes away. We can come over here and check out all the cool stuff that’s going on in our neighboring community.

Indian Creek

And so what about that creek I was talking about? 

Some places will be tempting for a bite to eat in a few minutes. Some fun things they do down here is they’ve got the farmer’s market, which happens on some weekday evening. In wintertime, they have the Festival of Lights. They put up over a million lights throughout this entire area. I want to say they also have a kayak race or something down Indian Creek here — just lots of fun.

So if we needed a good neighbor next to Nampa, downtown Caldwell would be it. They’re a great place to visit. They have so much going on; they’re among the excellent neighboring towns surrounding Nampa, Idaho.

Kuna, Idaho

Here we are in Kuna, and so much is happening in this vibrant little town. It’s quite a bit smaller than Nampa, but they’ve got a lot of community spirit here. Their fireworks display in July will be fantastic, plus they got Enrique’s little Mexican restaurant. So that’s worth a trip right there.

Meridian, Idaho

Meridian is an up-and-coming place. We’ve got so much going on. We just went by the farmer’s market. Deja Brew is an excellent place. Let me know when you come up here, and we’ll go over there together. 

Downtown Meridian is turning into something special.

Wrapping Up

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Thanks for coming along with me today, and contact us if you’d like to move to Idaho. Until next time, this is Treasure Valley Dave — looking forward to helping you get home.

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