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Nampa Idaho… What’s All This Stink About?

Does Nampa, Idaho Stink?

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here in Nampa, Idaho. If you believe the internet, the internet says that Nampa, Idaho stinks. It was ever since the sugar beet factory started operations on September 24th, 1906. Well, that’s all changing.

The Process

So, what’s all this stink about? We’ve had the sugar beet plant in Nampa for so long. As I understand from this news story from our friends at News Break, Idaho Press, the beets must go into a tank first. This tank or pool of water helps break off the dirt and stuff like that. Then, they recycle the water. After a while, the water gets murky and stinky, and that’s what causes the smell.

The Solution

What’s going on over there? They began exploring installing an anaerobic digester facility to do some onsite wastewater processing. They said the company invested $13.5 million because they want to be a good neighbor and address this stink situation.

In 2021, the news said, “The company broke ground on this new digester… [It] became operational this last May.” But they also said, “It takes time for the microbes to grow and start doing their job.” They expect by next spring to be at total capacity.

Stinky Stories from Google

As I said, there are various stories dating way back. It was in 1906 when the company first noticed the odor. It has a scent similar to peanut butter or burnt peanut butter. The odor has never been offensive, but it’s noticeable.

“Is there a bad smell here?” Locals often mention an unpleasant odor, which was reported back in 2012. City data extensively discusses this topic as well. Reddit discussions on the smell in Nampa are abundant, with numerous threads and posts.

People inquire if it smells in Nampa, contrasting with Boise. “Well, it doesn’t in Boise, but it does in Nampa” — that’s the common consensus. Our local press has frequently addressed this issue over the years.

“What’s the source of the stink?” This question won’t be asked anymore, as the problem is nearly resolved. That’s the great news; the smell Nampa was known for will soon disappear. Some individuals have chosen their residences based on whether they want to live closer or farther from the source of the smell.

A friend of the Treasure Valley Dave team, Anna, lives close enough to detect the scent when the wind blows in the right direction. She’s excited about this change, although she never found it to be a significant issue. So, if you were one of the few who found it unpleasant but still wanted to reside near the sugar beet factory, that won’t be an issue anymore.

Final Thoughts

That’s great news. The sugar beet factory goes above and beyond to be a good neighbor. And this internet thing about Nampa stinking? It’s all in the past now.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our other Nampa-related blogs on the website. When it comes time to sell a home, buy one, or even relocate to the Treasure Valley, our team is here to help you get home.

Have a great day!

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