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Exploring Nampa, Idaho | Population and Demographics

Exploring Nampa, Idaho

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here. This series explores what it’s like living in a small city in Idaho. This time, we’re looking at Nampa, Idaho population and demographics. 

Nampa is a great little city of about 100,000 people, and we’re about 15 miles west of Boise. It’s big enough to have everything you’d want yet small enough to have that small-town hometown feel. 

Because we are a bit smaller, we don’t have those big city problems. It won’t take all day to get across town. We don’t have the crimes you see in some of those other places — you know what I’m talking about. So, let’s explore Nampa and check it out.

Nampa, ID Population and Demographics

Nampa’s got about 100,000 people. The average age here is 33. Interestingly, 14.6% of the people are 65 and older. So if you’re older like me, there are many people to hang out with. 

Two-thirds of the homes here are owner-occupied. That means we have a very stable community. 

87% of the people here are high school graduates, and 20% went on to get their bachelor’s degree. That’s great for so many things. One is we have a competent workforce. Two, we have a very literate and educated community.

With the population of Nampa, ID, about 16% of them are over the age of 65. That’s quite a bit, but if I were that age where I’d want to live, I’d like to live in a lovely little community like this.

Touring Silvercrest

We’re over here at Silvercrest, and this is a 55+ community. They have traditional stick-built homes here. So you can come out to get some aquatic exercise in the pool. 

Oh, here are some notices of events going on in the community. Something like this might be a good option if you are starting to get to those better years. I’m heading there, and I tell you, it’s so peaceful and quiet. All your neighbors are calm and quiet, and the homes are well cared for. I would be happy living in a place like this.

Stable Community

Two-thirds of existing homes in Nampa are owner-occupied. That certainly lends to the stable community and the tax base, and it’s just a nice thing all over. 

One of those high schools that all those people graduate from could be Skyview High. It’s a beautiful school with a beautiful campus, and there are lots of activities going on. 

20% of the people in Nampa have a bachelor’s degree. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that quite a few got them right here at the College of Western Idaho.

Final Thoughts

Wow, this sure is a great little place. Isn’t it? 

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Thanks for coming along with me today. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Until next time, this is Treasure Valley Dave; looking forward to helping you get home.

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