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Nampa, Idaho Farmers Market

Going to Nampa Farmers Market

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here. This time of year, it gets a little gloomy and rainy, but you know what? Rain or shine, we will have fun at the Nampa Farmers Market in Nampa, Idaho. We’re talking about local stuff, great local things to do. Well, let’s get into the details right now. 

What Can You See in the Farmers Market?

There’s so much good stuff going on down at the Nampa Farmer’s Market. Going to the farmers’ market is the opportunity to get some local things.


You can get local food, coffee, sweets, pies, and, gosh, so many good things. You can also get your produce there and stock up on healthy vegetables.


You can buy things made by local people in the farmers’ market. I’m not really into the pretty stuff, but we got a whole bunch around the house. Where did they come from? I’ll bet some of them came from the farmer’s market.


Another cool thing I’ve learned is that there are 164 vendors at the Nampa Farmers Market near me. There’s still room for a couple more farmers market vendors, though, so if you’re local, you may want to check it out and become a vendor here. 

When Can You Go to Nampa Farmers Market?

The market had a soft opening on April 1, 2023. It will be rainy and whatnot, but as the weeks go on, they will have the farmers market Saturday, and the farmers market this weekend is a little bit cooler than the previous week. They also have this covered area where various people perform live music. Sometimes, it’s just a guy and a guitar. Other times, it’s a little band. Either way, it’s always fun to watch too.

Where is the Nampa Farmers Market Downtown?

Nampa Farmers Market is located in historic downtown Nampa in Lloyd Square Park, right down the street from the old train depot. You’ll know what we’re discussing if you’ve ever been there.


The mission of the Nampa Farmers Market is to provide a venue where local farmers, producers, crafters, and artisans can come together to provide a variety of fresh produce and locally crafted products directly to the consumer. In addition, the market encourages direct communication between consumers and producers and promotes nutritious food choices.


Our goal is to support vendors and enhance the quality of life in the local area by providing a quality community activity that fosters education, entrepreneurship, social gathering, community building, and interaction in a friendly, vibrant, open-air market.


The Nampa Farmers Market has a colorful history. It was founded in 1989 by John and Afine Relk, who saw a community market that provided local food and products made by friends and neighbors. Initially, the Nampa Farm and Garden Market, as it was called then, was held in the parking lot across the street from what is now the Nampa Library. 

The first day of the market was July 15, 1989. That first year, only three vendors participated, and customers were few. Some would call that first year a bust, but John and Afine had a unique vision. They persevered, and the market continued and began to grow. Since then, the market has grown in both customers and vendors. 

In 1998, the market moved to downtown Nampa before the Nampa Train Depot Museum, and in 2010, the market moved again to Lloyd Square.

Nampa Farmers Market Now

The market has grown to an average of 60 to 70 vendors per week, offering a large variety of produce, foods, crafts, plants, and flowers from local vendors. From 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM each Saturday, the Nampa Farmers Market is a bustling community of farmers, crafters, food vendors, and bakers selling their wares. All the produce and locally crafted items come from within a 100-mile radius of Nampa. 

Local entertainers provide music and dance to enrich the shopping experience at the market. Live and local is much better than elevator music. 

Learn the recipes and cooking tips using ingredients available at the market with their chef-at-the-market booth. Parents can bring their children to shop and visit with friends and neighbors, keeping the spirit of the old-fashioned marketplace alive for future generations to enjoy.

What Does It Do for Local Businesses?

The market revitalizes the downtown area and supports local businesses by attracting new customers to Nampa’s historic downtown. We can’t wait for you to come and visit the farmers market restaurants while you’re downtown in Nampa. There are so many other great things to check out. 

One of the best places to eat in Nampa is Messenger’s Pizza; I was just there last week. Holy Cow is a great place to stop in and get yourself a nice hamburger of some sort. If you want something at the Prefunk Beer Bar, that’s an excellent event place, and they’ve got a great outside patio area. Right across the street, we have Mesa Tacos on Tequila. I have yet to go, but if you’re looking at houses in Nampa or near farmers market and want to stop in, let me know.

Also, we have Paddles Up Polk Nampa. That’s a pretty exciting place as well. If you need a cup of coffee, the Flying M Coffee Garage is just a block over. It used to be an old gas station, so it’s pretty cool in there. 

Well, we also have the Pantera Market, which is like a farmers market grocery store. Aside from that, we have a deli where you can grab a little something to eat. Antique Mall is also nearby, and we’ve been there many times. Mrs. Treasure Valley Dave seems to like that. 

Then, there’s also the Cafe de Coco. That’s a pretty cool place, as well as the Lebaron’s Honkers Cafe. 

On another note, there’s an extensive library, the new Nampa Library, in case you need a point of reference. 

Oh, and another place is the Old Country Sausage. You go in there; Lydia makes the sausages and jerky by herself. They’re fabulous, and you can’t go wrong with that. So that’s right across from the post office so you can take advantage of it. 

Arctic Circle is good too. The Huckleberry shakes there are good when they’re in season. Also, try to check out Brick 29. If you’re going in the evening, you should make a reservation, but I’ve always had good luck going at lunchtime. So you get a look out over the entire valley, so take your best gal or guy down there and have a great meal.

Wrapping Up

Well, dang, that was a lot of fun. So I’m heading down to Nampa Farmers Market frequently this year. What about you? 

If you’re up here on a Saturday, looking at houses as you think of relocating to Idaho, contact us, and we can check that place out in person if we’re nearby farmers market. If you like this video, please subscribe to the channel, like it, and share it with someone else that needs to see it. Until next time, it’s Treasure Valley Dave.

I look forward to helping you get home.

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