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Millions Voting with Their Feet

Millions Are Voting with Their Feet

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here in Nampa, Idaho. Going through my emails again, I found another interesting article about voting that you might want to know about and give you some hope. 

So you voted repeatedly, and your side never won. The people that you want never win. But dadgummit, we’ll get the rascals next time, right? Well, next time sometimes never comes.

What Have People Done?

According to this article, millions have voted for Trump since 2020 with their feet — meaning they moved. This is a very recent article. “Over the past two years, many Americans picked up and moved. In a mobile society like ours, that’s not news. What is news is where they’re moving from and where they’re going to.” I want to know more about this.

Migrating Out of Urban Areas

“Turns out, there’s a mass exodus leaving Biden strongholds and heading to MAGA country.” Huh, I hadn’t noticed. (Sarcasm alert.)

“New census data shows that from 2021 to 2022, more than two million people moved from urban areas. We’re not just talking states — urban areas largely controlled by Democrats — and relocated to exurbs and more rural areas that largely voted for Donald Trump.” We’re talking about places that lost: Los Angeles, Cook County, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia County. 

Dallas and Harris, Texas

Texas is a state that went for Trump over Biden in the presidential: 52% to 46%. But I saw two counties with the most significant migration out — Dallas and Harris — and they both went heavily for Biden. So even in conservative states, you’ll still have pockets of Democrats, Marxism, liberalism, etc. So we’ll talk about what kind of tips their hand when it comes to that stuff.

Salt Lake County, Utah

We also saw the same thing happen in Salt Lake County, Utah, which went for Biden in a state that had carried Trump. So yeah, even in those conservative states, when you get down to the county level, and the county’s run by Democrats and stuff, they’re losing too.

Net Migration and Election Results

The article comes with two maps. The first one shows the net migration from 2021 to 2022, while the other shows the election results for 2020. 

“Across the country,” it says, “The places losing population almost all voted for Biden, and the ones gaining are almost all Trump counties.” Interesting. 

Net Migration Map

So here’s the migration map. The red is negative, which means people moved out of their states, and the blue is where they moved. Look at all these red spots in California, Oregon, and Washington. 

And where did they move? Many went to Phoenix and Las Vegas. And everyone says, “Oh, everybody from California moved to Idaho.” Well, no, it’s not that many. Some did, but not all.

Who Migrates Out of State?

We’ve been talking with a lot of people that have come up from the Phoenix area. They’re saying that many people who moved there are not conservatives. So it’s not just conservatives fleeing — everybody is suffering the human condition with crime and poverty in their states. They don’t want their kids to grow up in that mess, so they move out. 

And how are they voting? Do you remember that big fiasco in Arizona during the last election? It was a squeaker that fell to the side of the Democrats.

Returning to the map, people are moving out of Denver and Salt Lake City. We can see many people move to Texas, but there are places that people move out of. Meanwhile, Florida is almost all blue, except at the tip. The same goes for the liberal eastern seaboard. 

But anyway, imagine that you’d run a country like that where this many people don’t get a say. Then we end up with presidents who challenge the imagination — but not in a good way. So yeah, all the red counties are the ones that voted for Trump.

Why Are People Migrating Domestically?

Conventional wisdom says COVID, stuff like that. But not every city in America suffered from those same things, so something else must have happened. 

It wasn’t just COVID that caused this. It’s the cities and how they responded. “The ones that are getting hit the worst were controlled by Democrats who pushed draconian lockdowns, needlessly shuttered their schools, forced people to wear masks (even outdoors), required vaccine passports, let crime run rampant, punished the residents with high taxes, and suffocated businesses with onerous regulations.” 

So it’s not just that Democrats run them, but also all these other data points, the way they act against the people. “What’s more, Americans aren’t just quitting the urban hellscapes or cities — they’re moving out of blue states entirely.” Well, that’s true too. California has lost a congressional representative, and that’s because they lost population.

People May Leave, But Not Their Ideologies

Continuing with this article, “The problem, as we pointed out in this space before, is that while millions are abandoning progressive utopias, they tend to bring their liberal utopian ideologies with them. As a result, the diaspora threatens to make the country more leftist, not less.” 

That’s what I’m hearing is happening in the Phoenix area. But in the Boise area or Idaho in general, it’s the opposite.

More Conservatives Move to Idaho from California

Remember I said only some people from California are moving to Idaho. However, we’re finding that the conservative people are escaping California and living in Boise or elsewhere in the Treasure Valley. The previous chairman of the Republican Party, Tom Luna, said that the Californians moving to Idaho are making Idaho even more conservative. And that’s been my experience, too, from what I’ve seen. 

The state Senate elected last November is the most conservative Senate we’ve ever seen in this state. And we’re still working on the House. It’s getting better, but we still have some of those rhinos, Democrats in sheep’s clothing. They have the seniority and the committee chairmanship, and they still get to steer the boat. But many people out there rowing aren’t happy with the direction they’re going in. So I expect to see that change more and more as we go.

What Can Be Done?

Well, this guy says, “Those of us who believe in liberty, a civil society, equal justice, who want limited government and free markets, who believe in personal responsibility, who want criminals behind bars and people free to live their faith, those who want parents to be in control of their children’s education, we need to stop cowering to the left.” 

Well, that’s true. I don’t see that going on up here. I don’t see too many people crouching to the left. And I listen to a local talk radio host, Kevin Miller — check him out at KIDO — and the people who call in there don’t cower. They call it exactly like it is. Look at the bumper stickers on the back of pickups or people flying the flags on the back of their pickups or off the post on the front porch. They’re not cowering to the left. We’re just not like that here.

Equality in Idaho

And you know what? I’ve seen leftists put up their signs in their front yard, and they don’t get all beat up and taken down and made to suffer. It’s because we welcome all ideas. We ask that you own whatever results come from your beliefs. And the results that come from the conservative views, we’re proud to acknowledge that because that’s what we want. 

Preserving Conservative Life in Idaho

Just like what this author says, “We need to be proud of our values and evangelize them. Build up institutions that will strengthen and defend them.” And he’s not talking about government alone but also churches and like the Boise Rescue Mission, which helps people if they need a hand. Other institutions like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts are also out there. And I’m not saying those because I know they’ve had their issues, but we need to support those institutions. We must support our communities and each other in maintaining a conservative lifestyle in Idaho.

It doesn’t matter how you vote, but I find that people living in Idaho generally live a more conservative lifestyle, especially when you compare it to the stuff happening in California. This guy says, “Or we could just sit back and let the leftist (add in the Marxist) virus spread.” 

A Quick Comparison to History

And this guy wants everyone to know this article is not a veiled endorsement of Donald Trump. It’s an observation of the conservative politics that Trump primarily embraced. 

For those of you old enough, we saw the same kind of exuberance with Reagan. We just came off of the malaise of Jimmy Carter, the high inflation. Oh my gosh, it was terrible. The interest rates were at 20%. 

And once Trump came in, things started to turn around. We got a sense of pride and nationalism. It’s like you were proud to be an American again. So if you gauge America by its government, how many of you are proud to be Americans?

Hopes for the Next Presidential Election

Hopefully, the next presidential election will bring in some change. But even if it doesn’t, I’d still rather be in Idaho. Because in Idaho, we live that conservative lifestyle. We support each other here. We don’t cower in the corner because somebody wants us to call them by a different pronoun than we grew up with. 

Wrapping Up

If you have comments, please leave them below, like this video, and subscribe to the channel. That means so much. Please visit our website and check out our resources page for more relocation information.

This is Treasure Valley Dave; looking forward to helping you get home.

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