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Why Mareen Decided to Move to Idaho and Leave California Behind


We left Germany to find home. We didn’t find it until we arrived in Idaho

Mareen Alstede is originally from Germany. She was born and raised there but “escaped in 2008 to find more freedom and sunshine”.They ended up in Hawaii which definitely checked the sunshine box. It wasn’t long until the island fever started kicking in though. Fortunately right when their son was born a job opportunity in California pulled them into Southern California.Mareen and her family were there for seven years. They worked hard to provide for their two children. Given the dynamic of Southern California they found that they were spending more time travelling to work than they were with their family. This resulted in them making a move once more.This is when they arrived in Idaho. Or as Mareen will put it,

We finally found home!”

Here, she enjoys meeting people, getting to know them, and calling them friends.Their family spends far less time in the car and much more in the outdoors. They especially enjoy riding dirt bikes… and Idaho is the perfect place to do it!

You can catch more of Mareen on the Treasure Valley Dave YouTube channel.