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Living in New Plymouth Idaho | Real Estate, Recreation, Etc.

Exploring New Plymouth, Idaho

Hey there! Are you wondering about another captivating town in Idaho that might pique your interest? I recently revisited New Plymouth and was pleasantly surprised to witness its transformation. If you’re unfamiliar with New Plymouth, let’s start with its heart – downtown.

A Historical Overview

Founded in 1869, New Plymouth boasts a rich history. I had the pleasure of visiting some clients who recently settled in their new home here, and it offered me the perfect chance to check out the town’s recent developments.

According to a report from BestPlaces.net, living in New Plymouth promises a harmonious blend of a small-town ambiance and modern-day conveniences. The backdrop of stunning mountains complements many activities — from fishing to camping.

Downtown isn’t short of attractions either. It has local boutiques, delectable eateries, and community festivities like the Annual Festival of Lights. While the weather here is generally mild, I found it a tad warm during my visit.

It’s essential to note that New Plymouth is just a short seven-mile drive to Fruitland, nestled beside Ontario, which is notable for the absence of sales tax.

Navigating Downtown

The downtown area offers glimpses into daily life in New Plymouth. Key establishments like the Senior Center, the bank, and thrift stores showcase the town’s rhythm. Amidst this, you can find spots for essential services like haircuts.

It’s endearing to see community hubs like the Senior Center and feel the warmth of the townsfolk. I even stumbled upon a thrift store with inviting, cool air and welcoming staff.

Speaking of the town’s economy, it’s at a competitive 4.5%. While I’m not entirely sure of all the metrics behind this, it’s heartening to note the recent job growth has increased. New Plymouth is 6.3% more affordable for those conscious of living costs than the US average.

An Insight into Local Life

New Plymouth’s weather trends show June, September, and May as the most temperate months. On the political landscape, during the last presidential vote, Payette County, where New Plymouth is located, reported a 78.5% Republican tilt.

New Plymouth has a cozy population of 1,633 (or 1,637, including my clients’ new family!). The town is also known for the Payette County Fair Rodeo and FFA, an event that binds the community together.

New Plymouth Real Estate Snapshot

While exploring, I came across a classic home dating back to 1907. It’s a testament to the kind of real estate gems in New Plymouth. With 2,153 square feet of space and situated on 0.19 of an acre, it’s right by the town’s main areas, providing both convenience and character.

With an asking price of $439,000, it’s a glimpse into the kind of historical homes available in New Plymouth. It’s hard not to be charmed by its proximity to crucial town spots and the peace of living in such a community.

The Unique Horseshoe Design

The town’s design is a conversation starter. It’s shaped like a horseshoe, earning it the World’s Largest Horseshoe title. This design dates back to its founders’ vision. New Plymouth was conceptualized as a colony by a group from Chicago in 1895.

Their aim? To harness the potential of irrigation, given the abundant water supply from the nearby Payette River.

In Conclusion

From its historical roots to its unique design, warm community, and intriguing real estate offerings, New Plymouth stands out as a gem in Idaho. Whether you’re considering a move or just a visit, this town promises a mix of history, modern comforts, and a sense of belonging.

When it comes time to sell or buy a home in New Plymouth, contact us. Your Treasure Valley Dave team is your real estate expert by your side, helping you get home.

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