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Living in Mountain Home, ID


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Treasure Valley Dave here, and guess what? There’s some big news going on in the Boise area what is it? Well, it’s Micron! Have you heard of them? They’re like one of the world’s biggest chip makers ever and they’ve announced that they’re going to be expanding their operations here in the Boise area see this all this land out here? This is going to be where they’re building all of their new buildings, their biggest one is going to end up being the biggest building in the entire state, twice the size of the brand new Nampa Amazon warehouse! TWICE THE SIZE! 

Anyway, what does all this mean for us? Obviously plenty of jobs, construction jobs and stuff like that, but also they will be hiring at least 15,000 people when it’s all said and done! I mean that’s absolutely great! If you’re interested in working at Micron, you’re probably wondering “where am I going to live”? Have you ever thought about living in Mountain Home, ID?

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Places to live near Micron

You know, one place you could live, and this is just an option, there’s a new housing development about a half mile from Micron. 

Another option that you can live in over here in this area is Mayfield Springs. They’re going to be building a bunch of new houses over here. What’s really cool about this location is we got the freeway right there and literally you’re not even 10 minutes to Micron. It’s a straight shot with hardly any traffic. Plus you have all this great scenery out here. 

Looking to the West is the freeway, and then to the East are the mountains with a little bit of snow on them. I mean it is October right? I’m looking over there at this soon to be development and there’s a whole army of yellow construction equipment getting ready to make this all come to life. 

Mountain Home might also be an option! It’s just a few more minutes down the road and you don’t have to wait for the houses to get built. Let’s go check out Mountain Home! 


Living in Mountain Home

What’s good about Mountain Home? Well, the economy’s stable because they have an Air Force Base right outside of town, so you’ve always got that going for you. There’s that new Micron facility which is like 30 miles away and the commute is easy. 

Mountain Home is a really cute little town, it kind of reminds me of Fruitland. Downtown there’s a place called the Hub. They’ve got a little stage, a slide, and some musical instruments. If this place was in California, you wouldn’t be able to hear anything because there would be rap music playing, the chairs would be overturned, there would be spray paint all over these benches. Let’s go check out some homes!



I decided to pick a random neighborhood and oh my gosh! There’s a cute little Bungalow, living here you have plenty of space. There’s tons of big trees lining the street. It looks like it should be in a movie set or something. There’s old-fashioned alleys and this one’s even paved! Wow so you don’t have to put your trash can out on the front street, you just put it in the alley. Downtown is just a few blocks over there and you could walk over there, but yet here you’re still in the old part of town. So this would be just another option if you want to live in a more traditional place. And from here you could buzz right out to the freeway.

If you’re wanting a house that’s a little bit more modern there are some neighborhoods that would be the right fit for you. There’s a large RV Bay, everybody’s got a three-car garage at a minimum. It checks a lot of boxes here.


Medical Services

Now with it being a small town you might think “oh they don’t have any emergency services or anything” but actually there’s a Mountain Home St Luke’s Hospital and at the front there are the Emergency Services. So, if you’re ever in an emergency you don’t have to be shipped in an ambulance to Boise, you can get care right here. They have long-term care facilities, specialty care services, I’m not quite sure what that building is, it looks kind of like a bank. I mean hospitals do like to take your money so it might just be. There is also a VA clinic so you can have your VA Medical Services done for all of you veterans out there.

Rumored Casino

We have it from semi-reliable sources that they’re going to be building a casino out here in Mountain Home. There’s an RV park near here as well as a Dutch Bros and Super Walmart, but apparently this is where they’re going to be having the casino. I’m not a big Gambler, I figure every day I get out of bed that’s enough of a risk. 


In Closing

Well, it’s been fun seeing what living in Mountain Home is like, and exploring some living areas near Micron. If you’re thinking about Idaho, or maybe it’s a place that you want to check out, give me a call or send a text to 208-860-2004 or email our team at info@treasurevalleydave.com we’ve all moved here from someplace else and we’re all so absolutely glad that we did.


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