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Living in Middleton, Idaho


Is Middleton a nice place to live?

Each person on our team has visited Middleton many times. Here are their thoughts on what the small town is like!

If you’re wondering if there are any small towns left in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, Middleton is definitely one of those. Middleton, Idaho, has 7,000–8,000 people and was established a long time ago in 1863. It’s the oldest settlement in Canyon County and got its name because of its location between the old Fort Boise and Keeney’s Ferry. I really like this place and the people I brought up here really like it too. This city has such a community spirit, there’s all sorts of stuff going on in the community.

Downtown Park

In the park downtown, they play movies during the summer. In the spring and summer, they have farmer’s markets going on. And they’ve got this library kid’tivity that they give out to the kids. It’s for helping homeschool kids or kids that just want to learn more. You’ve got Ridley’s grocery store for all your grocery shopping needs. It’s almost like an upper-end store, similar to the Nugget or something. There are great little restaurants like the Sunrise Inn and the Burger Den. That’s where I always stop for lunch. It’s great over there.


West Highlands, Coleman Homes Subdivison

The West Highlands is a Coleman Homes Subdivision and these are some of the earlier phases that are already done. And you can see, you know, they’re beautiful to drive through. They really did well. They’ve got big park areas, green areas, the pool, but right behind us is the next phase of the same Coleman. These are the West Highlands, called The Meadows. As far as the infrastructure goes, this is going to be such a fabulous place because it’s really on the north edge of Middleton. You really feel a kind of rural feel. And the view around us!

We’ve got mountains there. We’ve got mountains over there. Nothing but blue sky. I mean, it is Middleton, after all. If you’re thinking of going with a Coleman, this might be a good way to go. The lots up here are going to be a little bit larger. So you can have your space between your houses just like the houses we just saw in the previous phase. There’s also a great Hubble community up here on the north edge of Middleton.


Treasure Valley Dave's Team Relocation to Idaho Stories


My favorite thing about Middleton is the big yards; you’re not right next to your neighbor, which is important, especially coming from a place like California, where you’re just right next to your neighbor out there. So if you’re looking for space, a great community, and great food, look no further than Middleton!

-Dave Edwards (Owner and Real Estate Agent Treasure Valley Dave)

Dave relocated from Vacaville, CA to Idaho. You can read why he decided to move to Idaho right here!


My parents first moved to Middleton from California about two years ago. When I visited them, it felt like a place that I could live in. It has a great small-town vibe! There’s a splash pad with a snow cone place that makes the biggest snow cones I’ve ever had (see store front below)!

-Aaron Brunson (Content Manager Treasure Valley Dave)



I love Middleton. It’s a small town, which can be a great fit for some people. It has its own full sized grocery store and a smaller hardware store, which is 15 minutes from the Nampa Costco. It also has easy access to I-84; it takes 25 minutes to get to Eagle, 30 minutes to Meridian, and 35 minutes to Boise. There is a sense of simplicity, but access to things you may want to go and do. If someone loves the idea of having space (or just a larger amount of space/fields around them), Middleton could be a great option!

-Steven Scott (Real Estate Agent Treasure Valley Dave)

Steven moved to Idaho from Washington. You can find out why he relocated to Idaho by clicking here!


Middleton is kind of like the next Star. I love the rolling hills and the option to get more land while still being close to everything.

-Mareen Alstede (Real Estate Agent Treasure Valley Dave)

Mareen originally moved from Germany to Hawaii, then to California. Her reasons for leaving California can be read right here!

Take a Tour of Middleton with Treasure Valley Dave

If you think Middleton sounds like a place you would like to live in or even just visit, give us a call! We’d love to give you a tour! You can also check out Treasure Valley Dave’s Walkthrough of Middleton, Idaho by watching the video below.


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