Hey everybody Treasure Valley Dave here! As you know, I used to live in California for a long time so I still have a lot of friends and family down there, so I like to stay up to date with what’s going on, and I have to tell you, what I’m hearing is making me think it’s time to leave California and move to Idaho while you still can! This couple did it, and I believe that you can too!


Governor Gavin Newsom’s Campaign


I have friends that keep sending me links to the stuff that they see in the news in California and it really has become kind of like a potluck of issues down there. Recently, Governor Gavin Newsom went to Florida saying that freedom is under attack in the “Sunshine State”: 


Newsom releases campaign ad in Florida ahead for California gubernatorial election


Do you really believe that in California they still believe in freedom? Maybe freedom for some but not freedom for all. Remember, George Carlin said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”. You might not be in it if they’re hitting you over the head with it. 


Apparently the ads run by Gavin Newsom were funded by the teachers union which shows you who’s really pulling the purse strings down in California. Who’s state legislature just passed another 4.2 billion dollars to the non-existent high-speed rail train to nowhere by the way.


Most of our team left California before 2020 when things really tanked. When you look at California today, you’re probably thinking it couldn’t get any worse. Well here’s a story that might change your mind. 


The Gig Economy in California


I used to be a truck driver so I have nothing but appreciation for the absolute bureaucracy that goes on just trying to get stuff from one place to another. Everything you have came on a truck, from your shoes to your food, to everything else. If you don’t think this story is going to impact the way you live you better think again. 


In California, the court just came down and decided not to hear the challenge to California’s gig economy law which says that you can’t be a gig economy. You have to be an employee, you can’t have your own truck and work for yourself, you have to work for somebody else.


This means that 80,000 truckers will lose their jobs unless they submit to the pressure and become an employee. Experts say that this will only create more supply issues throughout the United States and put more pressure on the consumers. 


New Housing Laws in California


As if the changes in the gig economy weren’t bad enough, check out what new housing laws the state of California is rumored to pass. 


John Williams has a great channel on Youtube where he breaks down the housing laws and changes that are coming to the housing market in California. He shares that in the future, zoning in California is going to change to eliminate any new single family homes. Builders will have to build multi-family homes. 


These changes are slated to go into effect in February of the upcoming year assuming that the 197 cities in California conform to the whims of the state’s government. 


Only time will tell! But do you really want to be around to find out?


In Closing


If you haven’t noticed already, California has no intentions of improving. The state is only getting progressively worse and that progression is rapidly declining. While I can’t guarantee that Idaho is the place for you, I know California certainly is becoming less and less of an ideal place to live.


If you’re thinking about Idaho, maybe it’s a place that you want to check out because you’ve heard a lot of good things about it give me a call or send a text to 208-860-2004 or email our team at info@tresurevalleydave.com we’ve all moved here from someplace else and we’re all so absolutely glad that we did.


Maybe you’ve thought about moving but aren’t sure how it’ll work moving to a new state. This moving company does a great job answering a lot of the questions that people have about relocation.

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  1. We can’t wait to leave! I just hope it’s before the xxxx hits the fan here in murrieta CA! Our house in Star won’t be finished until October 24. This is February. Our realtor said we should put our house on the market 3 or 4 months before we move. What do you think? You are so lucky to have Mareen on your team! She’s awesome!

    1. Hi Deena! I hope the xxxx doesn’t hit the fan too soon… but the fan is already turned on high!! Should you wait until July or August to put your house on the market? It just depends on what you guys are comfortable with… what fits into your plans the best. Typically Spring is the hottest time for real estate and you might get the best price… but that means you’d have to rent a place for 6 months or so (rent there in CA or rent in the Treasure Valley). We’ve had clients who sold their home and then went on a long vacation, with their household goods in storage, until their home here was ready. Or maybe a combination of both? I guess the big question is… when can you get the most from selling your CA home and does that extra money cover any additional expense of renting or vacation? Also, this is an election year… would that have any impact on the real estate market? Interest rates may come down some… making it easier for buyers in general. But for typical buyers for a home like yours, interest rates may not be that big of a deal. NAR (National Association of Realtors) released a survey last year that found two of the biggest reasons for people to buy a particular home is 1) a nice home in a nice neighborhood, and 2) a affordable home. Your buyers more than likely fall into the first group… and the marginal impact on affordability that a slight drop in interest rates could provide is minimal. Of course your local real estate agent will be able to give you local insight and advice.
      Oh my goodness… you are soooooo right about Mareen!! She is the Awesome Sauce of the Treasure Valley Dave Team!!

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