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Lake Lowell: A Great Destination in Nampa, Idaho

Is Lake Lowell a Great Destination in Nampa, Idaho?

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here. And today I want to go over what it’s like to live in a small town like Nampa, Idaho. We will specifically focus on a great destination when you come here: Lake Lowell. It’s featured in this great magazine that we’ve got available on our website, www.treasurevalleydave.com, along with other must-visit attractions in Nampa.

Walking Around the Lake

Wow, it’s just a fantastic place here. So serene and peaceful, and there wasn’t a whole line of cars on the way to get here. And on this lake, you get something like 17 square miles of water, motorsports, and fishing. I’ve seen baptisms here too — all sorts of fun stuff.

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

So another great attraction when you come to Lake Lowell is the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. It’s an excellent place to hang out and certainly so relaxing. They have a lot of information in their visitor center.

Walking Around the Center

They have different trails and informational signs here; you can walk out here. And they also have many different kinds of birds that you can observe while resting. And I suspect going on those trails would probably be healthy since you can get some exercise. So let’s make that a destination.

What Is Lake Lowell?

This incredible destination, Lake Lowell, is a vast reservoir. There are a couple of different levees on it. This is a nice one here. You can go for a jog or a long walk and enjoy all the wildlife. Hey, wow, look, the sheriff came down here too. I guess he wanted to catch up on his fishing as well.

Lake Lowell on Google Maps

So when you’re looking at Google Maps of the Treasure Valley — and I know you all have — what’s the one prominent thing you see? Why that’s Lake Lowell. Look how huge this place is. And there’s so much that you can do here, motorsports, boats, fishing, or whatever you like. Just look how big this is. Wow.

Lake Lowell Park Activities

You can launch your boat at Lake Lowell, go out for a paddle or fishing, and have a great time out here. Look how beautiful this is. What I like about this is you can come out here and do stuff like this, and you’re not spending all day in line to launch your boat or anything else. And you’re not getting nickel and dimed to death every time you turn around for fees for this or that. You can just come out here and enjoy it.

Right here on this spot here with this rocky little beach is where I saw a baptism going on. So you know what? There’s a lot of stuff you can do out here. Enjoy the view, get saved, and catch a fish — no end of good times.

April Marathons

Furthermore, this is where they have that marathon every April, a whole series of races. And what better place to have it, huh? Absolutely gorgeous. 

Although I can’t see Treasure Valley Dave running out here, this would be the place if I had to come to watch somebody run. I could see myself having a picnic out here before I do that. What about you guys? Want to have a picnic?

To Wrap Up

Hey, please subscribe to this channel and, of course, like this video. That means so much. I appreciate you for that, and thanks for coming along today. 

If you’re considering moving to Idaho or buying a house here, feel free to check out our FAQs page on the website. Until next time, hey, this is Treasure Valley Dave, looking forward to helping you get home.

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