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Idaho Home Builders: The Complete List 2022


Idaho Home Builders

Hey, Treasure Valley Dave is here in Nampa, Idaho. You’ll love this guide if you want to know which Idaho Home Builders to work with. I organized which home builders construct high-quality homes and luxury homes in Idaho. 


Check them out before you move to Idaho.

High-Quality Homes

Asbury Homes

Building for over 30 years, this is one of the home builders in Idaho that has communities in Meridian, Eagle, and Star, Idaho.

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Avimor Homes

A builder focusing on community, Avimor develops beautiful homes in the heart of nature, keeping close to what you love about Idaho and the things you need.

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Blackrock Homes

Blackrock Homes has over 180+ years of combined experience.

Boise Hunter Homes

They are the Treasure Valley’s “move-up home builder,” providing more homes at a better price.

Official Website: 


Brighton Homes

Brighton Homes started in 1994 and is based out of Meridian, Idaho, with homes that are 100% EnergyStar, providing less maintenance and lower costs to buyers.

Official Website:


Canyon Crest Homes

Outstanding customer service makes this home builder one of the premier builders in the Treasure Valley. 

Official Website:


CBH Homes

Idaho’s #1 Home Builder, CBH has built over 23,000 homes throughout the Treasure Valley.

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Cedar and Sage Homes

Premier custom home builder in Idaho specializing in custom homes that enrich their clients’ lives.

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Core Building Company

Featuring chef-style kitchens and extensive master suites, this builder has provided quality homes since 2000.

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Eaglewood Homes

Eaglewood has homes that deliver quality, innovation, and comfort.

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Flynner Homes

Flynner homes meet the highest standards while maintaining minimal social and environmental impact.

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Gardner Homes

Gardner homes come equipped with the best in technology and home automation. 

Official Website:


Hallmark Homes

A team with over 50 years of combined experience building the finest homes in Boise, Hallmark Homes is sure to deliver a quality experience.

Official Website:


Hayden Homes

This award-winning home builder has been serving the Northwest for 25 years. 

Official Website:


Hubble Homes

Hubble has built over 7,000 homes in Idaho since 1997, creating true value without cutting corners.

Official Website:


Iron Oak Homes

Iron Oak Homes will meet your family’s needs with stylish and functional floor plans.

Official Website:


KB Homes Idaho

No two KB homes are ever the same. From exterior to interior, it will indeed be your own.

Official Website:


Monarch Custom Homes

Voted best in master suite in 2018, this home builder is the premier builder in Northern Idaho.

Ninety Degree Construction

This company has a reputation built on creating attractive and livable spaces. 

Official Website:


Paradigm Construction

Paradigm’s homes are proven to last because they care for attention to detail.

Official Website:


Riverwood Homes

Headquartered in Meridian, Riverwood Homes strives for top-notch quality and affordability for their buyers. 

Official Website:


Shea Homes

A 55+ community builder in Idaho, Shea Homes offers countless floor plans and options.

Official Website: 


Solitude Homes

Solitude Homes works hand in hand with their clients to ensure that the construction process is up to their standards and vision.

Official Website: 


Stacy Construction

Stacy builds custom homes from original concept to completion.

Official Website: 


Sunrise Homes of Idaho

Sunrise Homes has a reputation for building excellent and quality homes.

Official Website: 


Trident Homes

With more than 20 years of building experience, Trident Homes is a family-owned company focusing on innovative design, clear communication, and energy efficiency. 

Official Website: 


Venta Homes

Bringing to the table architecturally diverse homes, Venta Homes is committed to providing homes with custom quality features without the hassle. 

Official Website: 


Zach Evans Construction

Since 1993, Zach Evans Construction has earned a reputation as one of Boise’s premier home builders. 

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Let’s move into our list of Idaho’s luxury home builders.

Luxury Homes Builders

Alturas Homes

In touch with Idaho, this builder names most of their floor plans after Idaho-inspired themes. 

Official Website: 


Berkeley Building Co.

A leading residential designer, Berkeley builds remarkable homes in the Treasure Valley.

Official Website: 


Biltmore Co.

Biltmore is the builder of 2019’s Best Exterior Design, Best Master Suite, Best Kitchen, Best Decorated, Best Interior Design and Finish, and Best Overall.

Official Website: 


Boise Building Company

It serves first-time home buyers, empty nesters, growing families, and those wanting to build their dream home.

Official Website: 


Clark and Co. Homes

Melding old home character with new home construction Clark and Co has served the Treasure Valley since 2011.

Official Website: 


Dennis Kavanagh Construction

This team has been a custom builder in Idaho for over 26 years and is based in Ketchum, Idaho.

Official Website: 


Edwards Smith

This is the only builder in Northern Idaho offering passive construction.

Official Website: 


Evergreen Homes

Evergreen focuses on homes built better for the environment and an affordable solution for anyone seeking a quality home.

Official Website:


Freeman’s Construction Inc. 

Freeman’s Construction has been building beautiful custom homes since 1986. This team of builders is meticulous in informing their clients about the process. They deliver on time and within budget.

Official Website:


Hammett Homes

Hammett Homes provides comfort, luxury, and sustainability. 

Official Website:


Highland Homes

Highland Homes provide an elevated home-building experience and has been doing so for nearly 20 years.

Official Website:


James Clyde Homes

Founded in the 1980s, James Clyde has provided elegant homes that stand the test of time.

Official Website:


KMV Builders

This is the go-to home builder for the ski resort of Sun Valley, Idaho. 

Official Website:


Legacy Homes

Partnering with only the best architects in the Treasure Valley, Legacy Homes delivers on all fronts of the design and construction process.

Official Website:


Northern Construction

An award-winning custom home builder in Eagle, Idaho, Northern Construction homes tout unique designs that are very different. 

Rosenberger Construction

With over 35 years of home building experience, this Idaho Home builder can do it all. 

Selle Valley Construction

The first Green builder in Sandpoint, Selle Valley Construction has earned its reputation for quality and integrity. 

Official Website:


Shadow Mountain Homes

Shadow Mountain Homes has been building in the Boise area since 1994. They start and finish with customer satisfaction.

Official Website:



For over 23 years, Sherburne-Mars has been delivering individually crafted homes to reflect each owner’s lifestyle. 

Official Website:


Syringa Construction

Offering unlimited, customizable options, Syringa is a custom home builder focused on the experience and not the sale.

Official Website:


Ted Mason Signature Homes

Each of the homes comes with a HERS Score rating for home buyers.

Official Website:


Thompson Homes Inc.

Thompson Homes build luxury homes with lower maintenance and living costs.

Official Website:


Todd Campbell Custom Homes

This builder is redefining luxury through architectural inspiration from many different locations. 

Official Website:


Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers has been building luxury homes for 50 years. Recognized by BUILDER magazine and twice named the National Builder of the Year, they know how to deliver a quality home.

Official Website:


Tradewinds General Contracting

They have been building for over 40 years in the Treasure Valley and providing quality on every build and every project.

Official Website:


Tresidio Homes

Based in Meridian, Idaho, Tresidio provides exceptional quality and incredible customization.

Official Website:


Which Home Did You Like Best?

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What did you think of this list?

Did I miss a home builder?

Let me know in the comments or contact us. We love talking about living in Idaho and answering your questions about it.

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