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I Want to Sell My House FAST! [Learn How]

Sell My House Fast — Help!

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here in Nampa, Idaho. I recently created a video about homes with longer days on market (DOM). Now, let’s say your goal is: “I want to sell my house fast.” Can it be done?

I have some examples of some very short DOMs. I want to see what we can learn from that and what you can learn when it comes time to sell your house.

Juniper Home - 0 Days on Market

We have this one over here on Juniper.

One of the things that we said can make it harder for home buyers to understand what the house is all about is not using professional photographers. This seller is an example of that.

We have a maximum of 50 pictures we can put out there on the internet, where most people find their homes. However, they only put five on here, so they need to do everything right. The pictures are fuzzy and crooked. It looks like a fight scene out of Batman or something.

Pictures only tell a little story, but what did we find here?

It’s tiny, so selling the house will take more work. It has two bedrooms and two baths, and they priced it at $315,000. It spent zero days on the housing market.

It’s not even a thousand square feet of living space, and it went that fast. Now, why do you suppose that is? Was it because of the pictures? This was not a screaming deal because you can still get houses that are 1,200 square feet around the same price.

The location may be significant. It’s in a nice little subdivision. I don’t see any railroad tracks anywhere. You know, we’re always looking for those.

Glacier Peak Home - 1 Day on the Market

Let’s check out Glacier Peak. It looks very well-staged with professional photographers.

If you’re using your phone, a real estate agent is trying to be on the cheap. If you have the light inside and a bright day outside, that brightness outside will usually make the inside dark. However, the professional photographer captured the brightness of the inside and the blue skies outside. Kudos.

Yeah, it looks like the house was empty, which always makes it easier for buyers’ agents to get in to look at it. And for buyers, they do have it staged very nicely. When they’re staging it, they’re keeping it neutral. That way, the buyers can imagine their things in there. Now, whether the buyers wake up every morning and clean up their bedroom just like this, I don’t know, but it’s kind of a fantasy that I’ve had as well.

Let’s talk about the price of this one. It was $370,000, and the days on the market were one day. It had professional photography and was on the market one day, and they got a very fair price. This is 1,650 square feet. This is a decent price for this house. And the house was built in 2004, so it’s almost 20 years old.

Hasket Circle Home - 1 Day on the Market

So, what can we learn from Hasket Circle here? The pictures are telling a story. That’s a sign of an excellent professional photographer.

We’re walking up to the front of the house. We turn our back and get a view that way so that the pictures are in a logical sequence that takes you on a tour through the house. It’s very bright inside. The pictures were professionally taken.

So this house was 1,340 square feet and was built in 2001. It has three bedrooms and two baths and was on the market for one day. It went for $299,900 — the same as the asking price.

At this tiny home, it’s priced right. That’s one of the fears if you have zero days on the market: it may be too low. We’ll talk about that because the market will keep your price down. There’s nothing wrong with one or five days on the market. That’s still extremely fast.

Greenleaf Home - 1 Day on the Market

This one over here on Greenleaf is a little different. It should be a burdensome house to sell because it has been moved. The original house is much older, and it’s in a very, very unusual situation.

It doesn’t have a garage, but it’s a good size: 1,634 square feet. Did I tell you days on the market was one day?

The pictures tell us a story that we have to go down this driveway to get to it. Excellent use of the 50 images allowed — they used professional photography. I think the owners still live there. This does not look like a staging item. Some pretty vibrant colors there.

Okay, so what did they do right? Professional photographers. Even though the home was occupied, they had the clutter gone. They have the pieces of furniture in a way that makes it look staged. That way, potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. They closed the toilet lid. Kudos.

It went for $350,000 — the same as the asking price. It went in one day. I think they did an excellent job on this, considering what they faced with it being such an unusual house and having been moved before.

300 East Dooley Home - 2 Days on Market

Let’s see what we can learn about 300 East Dooley. I’m still determining these pictures. We got the garbage cans in the shot, and then the tree blocked part of the house. They did clean up the clutter, so that’s nice.

This massive piece of furniture takes up a lot of space, and it can make the room look smaller. If you’re there in person, it might. The pictures are all right, but they’re not professionally taken.

Notice the other ones when they shoot the arranged kitchen like this. It’s dead on right down the middle. Of course, the counter is horizontal, so this one is like a fight scene from Batman.

One thing about this is it was just two days on the market. It’s $133,500, which is the asking price. It’s only 1,152 square feet. But sometimes you notice that these houses that are a little different sell quickly.

What’s unique about this one is there’s no HOA. Also, the lot is huge. All this space here turns into not quite a flag lot but certainly a bigger one (0.38 acre) than a standard lot. That’s likely what was attractive about this.

227 North 25th St. Home - 2 Days on Market

All right, let’s take a look at 227 North 25th Street. I’m noticing that it’s barely a thousand square feet — coming in at 1,034 square feet. This one was on the market for two days — three bedrooms, two baths, so it’s a typical little smaller house.

It looks attractive, and they’ve maintained the house very well. Professional photography right there — you can tell the difference. It’s astonishing how the rains on the driveway make it shimmery.

Another sign of a professional photographer is that some shots are waist-high. This is probably staged. No one’s living there, making it easier for the buyer’s agent to show the buyers. See how there’s no refrigerator, the home staging looks nice, and there are a couple of nice little touches there.

Not that this looks bad — this looks fine. But even at this lower end, $324,900 is what the sellers got. This was very minor staging, but I think it contributes nonetheless. It’s vacant, so it was effortless to show. Oh, and no HOAs, so that’s pretty nice. I’m feeling good about this.

4080 Brooklyn Home - 2 Days on Market

All right, 4080 Brooklyn. Most of the houses we’ve been looking at have been smaller at the lower end of the price range. Well, not Brooklyn here. This is 4,310 square feet — massive. This was $699,900 and was on the market for two whole days.

So, did they have professional photography? It looks vacant, making it easier for the buyer’s agent. The fire is going — a lovely touch. All the lights are on. That’s telling me this is probably professional photography.

There’s another example of having all this brightness inside and still seeing outside. It makes such a big difference. Wow, that’s a good shot of the bathroom vanities there.

Yeah, so they got their asking price. Huge house. Two days on the market; built in 2004. It’s also unusual that you usually find fewer houses with 4,300 square feet.

One thing it also has that you will only sometimes find is this vast room. It’s in a basement because there’s an egress area. An enormous basement room only comes on the market occasionally. So, when we have buyers looking for something particular, we’ll set them up on a search for that specific thing.

Plus, we also keep our eye out for our buyers. Real estate agents must move fast when something like this comes on the market. The buyers need to be pre-approved and ready to jump on it.

So, back to the buyers, they’re looking at the pictures online. As the seller, you want great images that tell the story and highlight the house. We’re not using one of those fisheye lenses that makes the phone-booth-sized room look like a mansion or something. That was a good look at a higher end.

Cedarbrook Home - 4 Days on Market

Alright, we’ll make this one quick. This is like some of the others we’ve been seeing here in Cedarbrook. It was on the market for four days and was built in 1998.

It has three bedrooms, two baths, and 1300 square feet, so it’s not monstrous. It does have that third garage bay, which is very lovely. I like that front picture. Okay, I am still determining if someone’s living here, but it’s staged.

It’s very well-proportioned as far as the picture goes. It’s just a straight shot — straight down the room. Everything is perpendicular and level. It’s just a regular run-of-the-mill house.

It’s 25 years old, but it shows very well. The pictures do a great job explaining what this house is all about, and it’s staged nicely.

So, compare this to some houses we saw in another blog with high DOM. It shows a great, and tells a story about the house.

11th St. Home - 4 Days on Market

So, this one over here is on 11th, the south part of Old Town. What’s different about this?

This was on the market for four days, built in 1920. That makes it unique. It’s also on a tiny lot — just 0.08 acres. The asking price is $284,990. It looks like that’s precisely what they got for it.

Oh, square footage: 874. It has 2 bedrooms and one bath — very tiny, very unique in that aspect. We saw a 1,300-square-foot house with a three-car garage for another $40,000. This one doesn’t have a garage or a carport, but let’s see what we’ve got.

It does have the uniqueness factor. It looks like the size of a shed that you see in the backyard of some of these places. They used some staging furniture, not a foldout sleeper couch. It lets the buyers see themselves, their furniture, or what they hope would be in a place like this.

Very light and bright — it’s very tiny. I’m not saying that the photographs are lying and make it look bigger than it is, but it does capture the feel of space. I’m sure it will feel like 874 square feet once you go there because that’s how big it is. I’d say they did a great job on this one.

Old Town Nampa Home - 9 Days on Market

So, here’s another older house — built in 1910. Again, this is the south part of Old Town Nampa. We don’t usually get so many at once, but here we have it. So, what do we have here?

Three bedrooms, 1.5 baths. It does have the base built in 1910. This one has been on the market for nine days, and it went for $324,900, which was the asking price. Nine days is enough time for the market to respond.

The pictures are beautiful. It just takes you back to the old days, huh? The white picket fence — that’s what the fairytale is. If you’re looking for this kind of a traditional neighborhood feel, wow, you’re getting it right here.

This is professional photography. It’s staged nicely. I don’t know if it’s vacant, but the furniture tells a story. Of course, there are architectural details that you won’t get on a brand-new house.

The pictures are not lying, either. There’s a little issue there at the wall. Plaster and lath were buckled at some point. We could have a home inspector come out and look at it, and if there is a problem, have that fixed before we open it up to the market. We can relay that information to our potential buyers as well.

Speaking of honesty, the countertop’s edge is broken, which we’ll see in this next picture. We see the other corner is broken as well. So, the sellers are not hiding anything. It is a used house.

If this was your house, it’s got good pictures. It doesn’t have a three-car garage; it doesn’t have a two-car garage. If you want to live in a period house, this will attract people who want to do that. And like I said earlier, if you have something unusual about your house, it can be a plus and sell very quickly.

Midsummers Court Home - 9 Days on Market

Let’s see if we can look at one more house. All right, so Midsummers Court. It’s pending in nine days and was built in 2006. It’s on almost a quarter acre, 0.23 acre, and 1660 square feet, three-car garage.

This came on the market at $350,000. Nine days later, it’s pending at $385,000, so they got $35,000 more. I said earlier that the market will only let you get the right price. It may not be the price you want, but the market will tell us the value.

These are lovely pictures; the lights are on, and the camera angle is slightly down. The $350,000, the asking price, is a screaming deal on this place. They may be generating multiple offers.

There’s another mark of a professional photographer. The angle is straight down the middle, and the far end is horizontal, like that door panel. Plus, it’s light inside, yet you can still see the light outside. I assume this is still occupied.

Usually, they don’t have a staging trigger. They could, but everything fits well visually, so they did an excellent job. They started low and did that on purpose to get multiple offers. That worked out great because the market won’t offer the wrong price, and they got $35,000 over the asking price.

Importance of DOM

We saw up to 100, 200, 300 days on the market in another blog. And some of the reasons that caused those to be like they were. Now, we just looked at some very short days on the market. We saw some reasons for and commonalities between these:

  • Professional photography
  • Staging
  • Decent prices

Now, we don’t know what their motivations and things were. But for everything we saw today, the real estate agent did what was right, and the seller got excellent service from that agent.

Want to Move to Idaho?

So, that’s short days on the market. When it comes time to sell a home, buy a home, or even relocate to the Treasure Valley, your Treasure Valley Dave team is your real estate expert by your side, helping you get home.

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  1. This article by Dave Edwards from Treasure Valley Dave provides valuable insights into the factors that contribute to selling a house quickly. Through real-life examples, it becomes evident that professional photography, staging, and reasonable pricing play pivotal roles in expediting the sale of a property. Edwards’ engaging descriptions of these homes and his attention to detail in analyzing their success stories make it easier for readers like me to understand the importance of these elements when selling a house. The article effectively conveys that with the right approach, it is indeed possible to sell a home fast, leaving readers feeling more informed and confident about their own potential home-selling endeavors. Great job on this informative and engaging piece!

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