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Home Buyer Webinar | 6 Steps to Homeownership

6 Steps to Homeonwership

Hey, it’s Dave, Treasure Valley Dave, in Nampa Idaho. Today, I want to discuss the six easy steps to homeownership through a jam-packed home buyer webinar.

The topics we’re covering are:

  1. When to decide to buy a home
  2. Questions to ask when interviewing a real estate agent
  3. Financial worksheet
  4. Things to consider before buying a home
  5. The process: from home search to closing
  6. Next steps after purchasing a home

This comprehensive guide has been created with both first-time home buyers and seasoned real estate investors in mind. Aside from yours truly, we also have a couple of guests throughout the home buyer webinar:

Darin Ramp

Darin Ramp is a financial expert in Idaho. During his segment, he discusses home loans, mortgages, down payments, and interest rates. The goal is to help homebuyers understand what costs to expect before, during, or even after buying a home.

Mareen Alstede

Mareen Alstede is the Treasure Valley Dave team’s resident housing market expert and real estate agent. She moved to Idaho with her family a few years ago and knows the entire valley more than anyone. You can learn more about her relocation experience in the webinar and other helpful home-buying tips.

Ready for Homeownership Now?

If you’re ready to start the process and want to skip the entire webinar, that’s cool! Feel free to contact us about your needs, and we’ll schedule a buyer consultation.

As always, it’s Treasure Valley Dave, helping you get home!

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