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Healthcare Options in Nampa, Idaho

Healthcare Options in Nampa

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here. In this series, we’re looking at various healthcare options in Nampa, Idaho.

Harward Recreation Center

So here we are at the Harward Recreation Center, and what better way to care for your health than to not get sick to start with? You could come here. They have all sorts of physical therapy and exercise stuff, and I’ve probably heard most about the swimming pool. You can go in there and do your water aerobics. They just have all sorts of little fun, but stay healthy as well. Nothing wrong with that. 

St. Luke's Nampa Medical Center

Another fantastic healthcare option is right here with St. Luke’s in Nampa. I know it looks like a monstrous hospital, and it certainly is. They also have one over in Boise if you’re living in Boise.

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center

We are in front of St. Al’s, a brand-new hospital. Its name is Saint Alphonsus Medical Center, but we call it St. Al’s.

St. Al’s has clinics all over town. The one right here is the one I go to. It is convenient, easy to get into, and you don’t have to wait all day.

Terry Reilly Health Services

One of the best healthcare solutions in the Treasure Valley is Terry Reilly. They’re a community healthcare provider; we see their branches throughout the little underserved communities. We also have a big one right here in Nampa.

Primary Health Medical Group

And another healthcare option throughout the Treasure Valley — and particularly in Nampa — is Primary Health.

AFC Urgent Care

So here’s another example of just some different clinics around town. We’ve got them all over the place; they cover every part of your body and mind. This specific one we’re at is AFC Urgent Care, Family Care.

Wrapping Up

Hey, please help me out and subscribe to this channel and like this video. That means so much, and I appreciate you for that. If you have questions about moving to Idaho, check out our Resources page on the website.

Thanks for coming along today. This is Treasure Valley Dave — looking forward to helping you get home.

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