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Everything You Need To Know About Selling or Buying House and Moving to Idaho


I am thrilled to share these “Good to Know” guides with you. This pamphlet series offers a great look at the processes and considerations relevant to moving in the Treasure Valley area around Boise. In this quick guide you’ll find helpful information and tips based on my own research, experiences, and insights from helping others with their real estate needs over the years and from my own journey in becoming a homeowner in Idaho.

-Dave “Treasure Valley Dave” Edwards

The Complete Home Buying Process Guide

Important steps when it comes to finding your dream home, made simple! 

The Ultimate Resource to Choosing Between Spec and Semi-Custom Homes

Choosing a new construction home can be complicated. Let’s break down the buying process and help you decide what type of house might be right for you! 

The Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your New Home with Cash

Have you thought about buying a house with cash vs mortgage? Let’s find out if putting in an all cash offer is right for you! 

The Best Resource for Choosing Between New Construction & Existing Homes

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing your perfect house. Let’s decide if finding a new build or an existing home in the Treasure Valley is right for you!

The Greatest Guide for Buying Your New Home with Months Before You’re Ready to Move

You want to move, but still have some time before you’re ready to relocate? Let’s see if buying a new house now could be the right option for you! 

The Complete Collection of Good to Know Treasure Valley Idaho Real Estate Guides


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