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Frequently Asked Questions

It is hard to say for sure what the market will do. But, if prices drop then more people will be trying to move here (demand) which will keep home prices stable.

Yes. Idaho is also a Dillon’s rule state.

According to Zillow, the average home price in the entire state of Idaho is $472,979 as of May 31 2022. Research this often because it changes every month, and it will differ from city to city.

On average, Realtors make 2.5-3% of the home sale price, per sale. The number of sales a Realtor participates varies from person to person.

Diverse! Because the state is land locked-there is no ocean frontage. But EVERYTHING else is present in Idaho! Rivers, lakes, natural hot springs, lava beds, desert, sand dunes, mountains, farming, hunting, fishing, hiking, pine trees, leafing trees, cities, small towns, great restaurants, mom and pop shops, breweries, shopping malls, etc.

No one can know when any market will crash. If it does, more people will be drawn to Idaho to buy homes

In the Northwestern United States. Idaho’s Northern border is shared with British Columbia, Canada. Southern border is shared with Nevada and Utah. Western borders are shared with Washington and Oregon. Eastern border is shared with Montana and Wyoming.

Boise is a great community filled with economic and personal opportunities. The weather is desirable for many. There is an international airport.

The demand for housing is high, primarily driven by people moving to the area, and the housing inventory is relatively low.

Yes! Many people are moving to Idaho for its many economic opportunities, landscsape, and conservative culture.

Yes! There are many details that will determine how to get moved to the great state of Idaho.

If you do not tolerate another person’s individual freedom to determine what they want for their life, living in Idaho is not a good idea for you.

Idaho is a great place to move! There are many opportunities for an excellent quality of life, and career opportunities.

Hemmingway’s first visit to Idaho was in 1939 when he, and other celebrities were invited to stay in Sun Valley Idaho to promote the opening of a new resort. He visited periodically over the next 19 years until he moved to Ketchum Idaho in 1958. He lived in Ketchum until his death in 1961.

The CEO, C.J. Buck, decided to move their headquarters from San Diego CA to Post Falls ID in 2004.

The seller typically pays realtor fees.

You must take and pass two pre-license classes, take and pass the Federal and State test.

There is a hybrid of online real estate pre-license classes. You have to attend a live class online, but there is not a self paced online class that prepares you for testing. Class hours are required.

It’s reasonably hard. Many people take the test a few times before passing.

While interest rates are high, they are still historically low. Whether or not the timing is right depends on if you are ready to move!

High demand, low supply, creates high prices. Idaho is expensive primarily because of the high demand for our incredible quality of life, plenty of outdoor activities, and the culture that allows people to be individuals.