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Downtown Nampa Idaho: What Changes Are on the Horizon?

Spending a Typical Summer Afternoon at the Old Town

Hey everybody, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here. We are in downtown Nampa to see what are the changes on the horizon. First, I wanted to see what it’s like on a typical summer afternoon.

I’m concentrating on what’s happening here in Old Town today. I just popped in because I want to see what’s happening. Everything right here is going to be a surprise. There’s no cloud in the sky. We have nothing but low humidity. There’s going to be some nice eating going on here later today.

Proposed Changes in Downtown Nampa

The city has proposals for some changes downtown. I want to see what that might do for our experience here. They took the mural down. We’re definitely at the forefront of seeing some significant changes around here.

The other change is the whole front of this building over here. When we first moved here, this is where the used bookstore was. I have spent a lot of time going through all their shelves.

Upcoming Street Closures

They’re looking at blocking this street off and making this a pedestrian mall. They say there’ll be no car traffic, except for early morning deliveries. This will mean no vehicles coming through here at all. This will be just a place for tables and stuff for people to come down here like we have already started.

The cool thing about this is that we’re looking south right now, which means these buildings will be putting shade across out here when the sun goes further in the afternoon. It’s going to be very, very pleasant out here. Then it’s only for this one block that they’ll close this off, and then for the next block, they’ll repave the street.

New Structures in Downtown Nampa

The makings of this whole pedestrian mall started well. We have some great little restaurants over here. There’s Messenger’s Pizza over there and a pet boutique. There is an ice cream shop coming in soon.

They’re looking at doing a couple of things: this parking lot. They’re looking at building a couple of mixed-use multi-story. It’d be like condos, perhaps apartments, with a parking garage below. On the first floor would be the parking garage. Then, above would be some living spaces.

Upcoming Changes in Farmer's Market

If you’ve ever been to our farmer’s market, this is where it’s held – the old Lloyd Square. It used to be a lumberyard. They’re talking about making more of a stage for performances and putting picnic tables like shade sails across the street.

They’re talking about taking out this grass and putting in something they call all-season synthetic turf. They’re considering building a pedestrian and access ramp that will go over the rail lines onto the north part of town.

A Clean Nampa

This is just a random day coming down here. I’m not seeing junk, I’m not seeing homeless, I’m not seeing graffiti except for over on that dumpster. But it’s spotless and well taken care of. Stuff’s not molested. I was looking at that flower pot over there.

This is where we will have all these new changes. I won’t say high-rise, but taller multi-story buildings where you can rent your condo or apartment. You can walk out here for some concerts. And there’ll be different things throughout the evening, not just Saturday morning, for the farmer’s market.

What to See in Downtown Nampa

There’s some graffiti on the walls. It’s very vibrant in a traditional way. This is where you have some small professional buildings or offices, but once they start putting in that stuff downtown, you guys have all seen what they’ve done with Caldwell.

Nampa was going to be right, falling in their footsteps. There’s the Flying M; it’s an excellent place to stop in for a cup of refreshing something or other. They have a whole bunch of sweets in there. It’s a fantastic little thrift store over there.

Helmet Law in Idaho

Do you know in Idaho, there’s no helmet law? They want you to use your head. If you think you need a helmet, you wear one. If you don’t want to, you don’t. You don’t have Governor Newsom saying, “Everything you have to do for your good. And if you don’t do it, we’ll put you in prison,” or something like that.

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  1. Great video 👍🏻 on what’s going on in Nampa! I haven’t been to Nampa, but your video his surely sparked 🌟 my interest. Thanks Dave.!

    1. Hi Patty! Nampa is a great place to check out! It’s just big enough… and just small enough… it’s got everything you’d want (and if we don’t, you’re only 20 minutes from the BIG CITY). It’s a very fiscally responsible city (Best-Run city in America… again… according to WalletHub). A great place to call home!

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