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Why Dave Edwards Decided to Move to Idaho and Leave California for Good


Moving to Idaho was the best move we ever made!

Dave and his family relocated to the Treasure Valley area around
Boise several years ago. He says, “It was the best move we ever

Dave was raised in a rural town in Nebraska where he came to
know community and small-town friendliness as a way of life.
Serving over 10 years in active military service, Dave lived half-a-
world away enjoying new cultures, food and people.

He then lived in the ever-growing hustle and bustle of California for over 20 years. While there, Dave was a co-owner of a small manufacturing business and learned first-hand the challenges facing businesses in such places as California. Upon retiring from his local police department, Dave and his family moved to the Treasure Valley.

Why relocate to the Boise area? Because of the friendliness of the people, the mild and low-humidity climate, and the air of freedom. Dave explains,

“Here you don’t have the government or social
justice warriors examining and controlling every aspect of your life… your personal life or your business life.”

Coming from California, Dave found this extremely important.

Dave has made it his passion to help people relocate to a better
way of life… a place that offers more value for your money, more
friendliness in your community, and a place where you can relax,
have fun and reduce your stress level… Dave wants to help you get more out of life and invites you to move to Idaho.

Dave’s clients have found that by watching his videos on YouTube they got to know Dave prior to even meeting him! Check out some of his videos.