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Comparing Treasure Valley, Idaho to Lincoln, Nebraska

Comparing Treasure Valley, Idaho to Lincoln, Nebraska: Exploring the Differences

Something different is going on today. We’re not in Treasure Valley, Idaho City, anymore. Where are we at? Well, we’re not in Kansas. We’re in Nebraska. What’s going on? Come and explore with us as we compare Treasure Valley, Idaho to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Treasure Valley, Idaho Vs. Lincoln, Nebraska

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here. We got called out of Idaho and had to see what was happening with a family member. So everything’s working out with that well. But I’d like to compare and contrast the Treasure Valley to Lincoln, Nebraska. 

So what’s going on here?

Vintage Appeal

The one thing that pops out at me is that everything is older. There’s undoubtedly some newer stuff on the outskirts of town, but so much of this town is just older.

Streets and Lanes

These little streets that used to be little streets are now the main arteries, and they got three lanes in them so traffic doesn’t get backed up with people turning and stuff. So, your roads are barely big enough for that little Kia over there, and traffic zips by. So there’s the highway that goes through town. That’s wide enough, but any place else to get from one place to another is all these tiny little streets. We don’t have that in the Treasure Valley.

Timeless Homes

Also, these old home styles are fantastic because there are no two alike. They’re all different in some manner. But a vintage home is one thing that we don’t have in the Treasure Valley.

Good or Bad?

Well, you know what? You might picture it traditionally as a first-time buyer’s house. It’s all small, maybe a little rundown. It just needs some elbow grease. So you have that here in the Lincoln area, even though houses are still costly.

Friendly Neighborhood

But certainly, people are just as friendly here in Nebraska as they are in the Treasure Valley for the most part. I’m not seeing a lot of trash, litter, gang graffiti, and stuff like that. So I’m pretty excited about that.

Natural Forces

I know my family members living around this area love the Lincoln, Nebraska weather. Well, except for maybe the wind — it’s always windy here. There are also snow storms, tornadoes, mosquitoes, chiggers, and 100% humidity. So yeah, we’ve had those days before.

Driving Around

We’ve been doing a lot of driving around Lincoln. The side streets are all so narrow. It’s just a different feel from the Treasure Valley. In the Treasure Valley, the roads are all wider. Because these are so narrow and everyone’s just inches away from each other, it seems more hazardous.

Older Home Inventory

One of the nice things is you have this extensive inventory of old house near me that you can get and fix up cheaply. We don’t have that in the Treasure Valley because the Treasure Valley population grew fast. Sure, you will see some older houses when you start exploring downtown Caldwell, downtown Nampa or downtown Boise, but up here, they’re all over the place in massive numbers. But, of course, there’s no HOA, so some of them look nice. Others could use a little sprucing up.

Final Thoughts

Anyway, thanks for checking this out. If you like this video, please subscribe and share it with somebody that might need to see it. Or, contact us and ask my opinion about Lincoln. I’ll be glad to answer that as well. 

As always, Treasure Valley Dave, I look forward to helping you get home, wherever that is.

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