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Christmas in Idaho: Visiting Caldwell and Nampa on Holiday

Christmas in Idaho

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here in Caldwell, Idaho. Merry Christmas to all of you guys! Here is a little bit of what Christmas in Idaho is like.

So, we’re starting here at the North Pole… Well, it’s not the North Pole. It’s Caldwell, Idaho. Yes. They’ve got everything set up for the Great Plaza. I want to check that out.

Indian Creek Plaza Activities

We have some light displays going on over here. Yes, you’re right. I should be out here at night doing this when it’s all pretty, but this is when I made it down here.

There’s Keystone Pizza. I wonder if they have a window on the floor to look down onto the Indian Creek. That’s a cool idea. Huh? So, do they decorate the light poles in your town? They sure do here.

What great fun can you have at the Indian Creek Plaza at Christmas time? You can come down here and go skating. That looks like fun. We could come over here and get warmed up by the fire. Sweet. No, Treasure Valley Dave is not going to get out there because maybe Treasure Valley Dave will be falling all over his butt out there.

Well, this is sure a nice place, especially during winter. All sorts of little boutique stores, ice skating, and Christmas lights in Caldwell Idaho. Oh my gosh. There are always so many fun things to do all year round around here.

There’s that cute little bridge in the distance. Someone mentioned something about these bridges recently. Did you know that not only do we have this bridge, but a hundred yards down, there’s another bridge right over there?

You must be home now if you’re lucky enough to live in Caldwell. And it would take nothing to buzz down here to the plaza to have a little fun. Or teach yourself how to skate.

Did you say there’s gotta be more than Caldwell in the Treasure Valley? I say you’re right.

Christmas in Nampa

Here we are in Nampa, getting ready to celebrate the entire Christmas season. Christmas Day is the reason for the season.

Let’s look at this great tree, which went up last week or so. Do you see that little star at the top? Whoa. What a great setting for our historic museum back there.

So many Christmas lights in Nampa, Idaho come out at this time of year. I sure like living here.

Merry Christmas to You!

Everybody on the Treasure Valley Dave team wishes you a Merry Christmas. Hopefully, you’re good enough this year that Santa will bring you something special. Or if you weren’t good, I hope you had a good time. Thanks a lot, and have a merry little Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2024 be the best year ever.

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