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California Bans Gas-Powered Cars and Diesel Trucks

California Bans Gas-Powered Cars: Is It True?

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here in Nampa, Idaho. Today, I’m going through the news again. I’ve got an inside source down there in California, my good buddy, Steve. So what Steve’s been sharing with me is the news that California bans gas-powered cars, diesel trucks, gas lawn mowers, and everything else. So let’s get right into it.

California Bans Lawn Mowers

This is familiar news. It went into effect on July 1st, 2022 — just last year. California banned gas-powered lawn equipment. Okay, no big deal. First, they came for lawn mowers, and then that was it, right? 

No. Well, apparently not.

Cities Ban Use of Natural Gas

LA is one city that wants to ban gas appliances, natural gas, or clean-burning natural gas. There’s a court case recently about it. You can be confident that California will come back and make sure they get that ban on gas stoves because, you know, it’s for the polar bears or children or climate or something.

California Ban on Gasoline Cars and New Diesel Trucks

“California bans new diesel trucks effective 2036, a world first.” So what does it mean when they ban diesel trucks? 

Well, Treasure Valley Dave is here, talking in the third person. I used to be a truck driver. I know the importance of what truck drivers do and what trucking is all about. Almost everything that you have came on a truck at some point. 

What’s funny is that you have a lot of places in government and stuff that act like committees. So they propose things that get sent to the people’s representatives to determine whether one will be law.

California Air Resources Board (CARB)

California’s different. If the California Air Resources Board (CARB) says something, it’s a law right then and there. And if you don’t like it, pound sand because you have no choice. They introduced both unanimously to have its Advanced Clean Fleets (ACV), “A massive new regulation on medium- and heavy-duty fleet vehicles that, among other things, require all new, medium and heavy-duty vehicles sold or registered to the state of California to be zero emissions come 2036.” 

How many years away is that? I’m a real estate agent, not that good at higher math, but that’s 12 or 13 years away. What else about this? 

Why Ban Gas-Powered Cars?

“In the interim few years, it has become apparent that not only are climate change and pollution becoming even more urgent, but that the market for EV trucks has advanced significantly.”

Well, prove to me that there is climate change and that: 1) it’s harmful, and 2) pollution hasn’t been getting less and less ever since the 70s. Of course, it has, but don’t let a good crisis go to waste, even if you have to make one up, right?

Price Markup for EV Trucks

As for the markup for EV trucks, what fleet owner wants to scrap all the money they’ve spent on trucks and buy new ones that don’t go very far? 

So, I was in a tractor-trailer sleeper cab, which can travel 300-600 miles a day. Some guys who were faster could do 700 miles and better. But no, they will have to stop and wait in line. So we remember what it’s like at a fuel island.

Oh, my gosh, wait until you have to plug in your truck, and it takes 2, 3, 4 days or hours to recharge it. Then you can only drive a couple of hundred miles. 

The End Is Near for Diesel Trucks

“Among these requirements is a new 2036 target for an end to diesel truck sales.” It had been 2040, but the state of California seemed eager to get this going. Now, it’s 2036. What’s it going to be next time you turn around — tomorrow? California leads the way again. 

“The ACF rule,” remember, that’s the Advanced Clean Fleets, “Is thought to be the strongest truck regulation in the world and the first to abandon the sale of diesel trucks” in the world. So that means we’ll let every other country continue to be stronger than us because they won’t be screwing up their total economy.

It's Not Just California Anymore

Since this act was finalized in 2020, several other states have adopted the same ideology. We’ll find out what those states are in just a second, but to conclude this one, “And it’s especially timely that CARBs vote happened just two days after [the federal level] Senate Republicans voted to poison Americans by trying to roll back nationwide EPA truck regulations.” 

Those rascally Republicans want to poison old people. No, hold it, that was “get” old people. 

“That rollback won’t make it past President Biden.” Yay, not all heroes wear capes, right? His veto pen shows the stark contrast between a heavily Democratic state working to lower costs and improve health, with a broad coalition of support. “And the mean old national Republican Party has signaled that it wants to do the opposite.”

States Embracing Electric Trucks

Oh my gosh, blue states, red states — it makes a difference. Speaking of those states, some states are embracing electric trucks. The blue ones on the map follow right along with what California has. 

  • Colorado – A lot of people have been thinking about moving there. Some people have been moving from there. 
  • Massachusetts – No big deal. I mean, no big surprise. 
  • Maryland – No big surprise. 
  • New Jersey – No big surprise. 
  • New York – Is anybody surprised there? 
  • Oregon – Hey, many of you are considering moving to Oregon. One guy said today, “Because it’s safer.” Safer for what? Safer for politicians. 
  • Vermont – Bernie Sanders area — we know what they’re like. 
  • Washington State – You may have been considering moving there or to Oregon or Colorado. They will be the same blue morass mess California is going full-throttle towards.

And then you see some of these other states jumping in line. Hold it, which one’s Idaho? Oh, that’s right, Idaho’s not on that list.

7 States Banning New Gas-Powered Cars

“California requires all new cars, SUVs, and pickups sold in the state to generate zero tailpipe emissions by 2035.” 

That’s even a year sooner than what we were talking about before. That’s only 12 years away. But I thought the Liberals, the AOC, the squad, said, “That we only had ten years or 12 years,” but that was a few years ago. So why don’t we all go home because it’s too late anyway, right? 

What Happens to Your Gas-Powered Car Now?

“Approved by CARB, the policy won’t take existing gas-powered cars off the road.” Well, that’s what they say now. First, they came for your lawn mower, then for your gas range. Now, they’re coming for your diesel cars. Now, they’re coming for your used cars. Oh my gosh.

Advanced Clean Cars II

“This rule requires zero-emission vehicles to represent 35% of all new cars and light trucks in the state by 2026.” That’s only three years away. I’m a real estate agent; I can divide by three or multiply— Oh, subtract by three, yes, that’s it. Oh my gosh. And in seven years, that’s more than two-thirds of all vehicles. 

“Already six states that linked their standards to California have plans to prohibit the sale of new ICE automobiles after 2035.” In another article, “17 states follow California’s rules, but so far only Maryland, Massachusetts—” Check this out, “And Oregon and Washington.” 

So before, we were talking about semis. Now, we’re talking about your car, pickup, and SUV. Do you still want to move to Oregon? 

“But they don’t force anyone to stop driving their current automobile or prevent them from buying a used car.” Do you believe that? I got a politician to sell you.

Anti-Fuel States Allow You to Buy Cars Out of State

“They also don’t prevent you from buying a car in another state and registering it locally.” 


The local government can prevent truck drivers from loading up on fuel. So, are they not going to be able to stop you from buying a car? Heck, how many people have left California and tried to unregister your vehicle? It’s impossible. They’re going to figure out some way of screwing you over. 

Ban Exemptions

Oh, Advanced Clean Cars II also calls for all new medium- and heavy-duty vehicles to be 100% zero emissions by 2045 “where feasible.” Wonder what that means? 

That means those armor-plated cars those politicians drive around it would be exempt. Well, you know that’s right. 

Change Will Come Before 2036

“California is set to prohibit the sale of large diesel trucks in 2036. President Joe Biden has set the goal of having half of all new vehicle sales in the US be electric by 2030.” Less than seven years away now, right?

One more thing, “Biden’s Plan requires government agencies to transition to only buying zero-emission light-duty vehicles by 2027.” That’s four years away. 

Effects on Gas Tax

So that’s the government. Oh my gosh, how will they keep all that gas tax money coming in when nobody’s buying gas? You thought you would get a deal because you would go electric and plug it into the workplace? 

And speaking of that, how will you plug in your cars? Where are you going? PG&E, are you kidding me? They kill more people. Do you know their shoddy maintenance has killed—? I have a relative who went through the Paradise Fire, and it’s just no good. We know who it was. We know who’s paying for it. We know no one went to prison over it. No one got fired over it. Are you kidding me?

And now, so it’s a windy day, you can’t even run your AC, and it’s 110 degrees out. So what are you going to do now, charge up your car? Wrong. It’s all about control. 

California Considers a New Mile-Based Gas Taxing System

“California officials, along with Caltrans, are looking to change the state’s current tax system.” So, fewer people will be paying the tax, so they will have to increase it on electric vehicles and hybrids. So how are they going to do that? 

They’re going to do it with GPS monitoring. They’re going to know every mile you drove by GPS, and they’re going to know exactly where you went, when you went, and who you went with by getting the GPS data off your phone or something. So has anybody around here read Orwell?

Idaho’s Take on Cars

So what about Idaho? If you want an electric car, you could be getting $7,500 in tax credits here in Idaho. 

“The Idaho State Senate backs a bill to end vehicle emissions testing in 2023.” So that happens in just a few weeks from now — July 1st. Why? Because the air’s not as polluted as it used to be — if it ever was. So there it is. Do you get an idea of which direction Idaho’s going? 

Idaho Embraces Natural Gas

So the news that comes up is that “Idaho legislature introduces bill to ban local governments from placing restrictions on natural gas.” That means that the commie mayor in Boise can’t come out and say, “You can’t have a gas range anymore. You have to cook on solar.” Good luck making your popcorn at night while watching a movie.

Ban on gas grills in Idaho? Not likely. I don’t see any news stories that say they’re considering banning gas, diesel, or anything else here in Idaho.

Should You Buy a Car?

Are you going to have a car? Can you get to work? Do you want to work? Do you want to leave California? If you escaped to Oregon or Washington, would it be any different? 

No, the timelines are the same. The way it all works out is the same. So you will be in the same soup that you’re in California. 

What about when you move to Idaho? Stark contrast. We don’t have this predisposition to have a government that wants to take over your entire life and turn you into something from some dystopian movie from the 70s.

Wrapping Up

I can’t blame you if you want more information about moving to Idaho or want to talk about it to get some information. Call us, text us, email us, check out more of our videos here on our YouTube channel, or go to our website, www.treasurevalleydave.com

Please like this video if you haven’t, and subscribe to the channel. It means so much to me. Anyway, until next time, this is Treasure Valley Dave, looking forward to helping you get home. (We might do it in something powered by gas.)

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