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Caldwell Idaho: The Worst Place to Live in Treasure Valley?

Is Caldwell the Worst Place to Live?

Hey, I’m Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave, your real estate ally when you need help buying or selling a home. I had a friend recently from California who got a ridealong with the local cops here in Caldwell, Idaho, which is apparently the worst place in the entire state. They say that Caldwell is the armpit of Idaho.

Exploring Caldwell, Idaho

We’re just going to go over there raw, and check it out together. But first, let’s see what it’s like down here at the plaza and downtown Caldwell. In Idaho, you can apparently ride a motorcycle without a helmet. The government assumes you’re enough of an adult to make your own decisions. 

Look at this, they’re preparing for an event here at the plaza of downtown Caldwell. Oh look, they’re setting up the outdoor ice skating for wintertime. Here we are in the last week of October, surrounded by cute little boutique shops and peaceful scenery.

We’re going to see the “worst of the worst.” Not too long ago, they had kayak races here. There are pottery studios, places like Wine Down, and Extreme Pizza. I expected graffiti in the back alleys, but it’s surprisingly clean, except for some minor vandalism on gas meters. It makes me wonder why Caldwell is considered so bad.

I spoke with more people from California today. They find it so different here compared to the internet’s portrayal of Treasure Valley. Traffic here is nothing like the busy freeways they’re used to. The old Steunenberg historic district and the Indian Creek Steakhouse, with the largest dance floor in the state, are notable spots. Now, let’s go check out the worst of the worst.

Discovering the “Worst” Neighborhood

Here we are, at what the Caldwell Police Department considers the worst of the worst. No graffiti, no signs of major crime, just an ordinary neighborhood with the freeway nearby. Even the trailer park is graffiti-free. I’m curious about the worst places in your areas and how they compare.

Culinary and Historic Treats

There’s a fantastic Mexican restaurant here, one of the best in the valley. Now, let’s explore the Caldwell historic district, especially beautiful this time of year with the changing colors of the big trees.

We’re just a few blocks from downtown, near the Hamburger Connection. Caldwell is a small town, with about 65,000 people, full of unique, non-cookie-cutter houses. Some of these homes needed maintenance but have been transformed into charming residences.

These neighborhoods are great for raising a family, with kids playing and biking around. It’s like a return to classic America. These grand old houses, each with a unique character, could be a great investment. Imagine living in one of these near the college, renting a room in such a historic setting.

Want to Move to Caldwell?

Thanks for joining me on this tour. We’ve seen the worst and the best of Caldwell, and it’s just that nice here. If you need more information, just reach out. Remember, your Treasure Valley Dave team is here to help you when it’s time to sell or buy a home, or even relocate to the Treasure Valley.

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