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Boise Idaho Voted to Join California: Will Things Change?

Idaho Voted to Join California?!

I’m Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here in Nampa, Idaho. We had an election just a few days ago, and what does that mean? Our buddy Kevin Miller over at KIDO Talk Radio did a blog on how Boise, Idaho voted to join California.

Well, a little tongue in cheek there, but what makes it funny — or sad — is that there’s too much truth in it. So, the City of Boise has taken a major left turn. Yes, it did. And it probably did that too four years ago when it initially elected Mayor McLean. I believe she has a lot more Marxist tendencies than most people in Idaho are comfortable with.

Four years ago, she ran a very conservative-sounding campaign. Of course, as soon as she got in, all the liberal stuff came out. Well, you can go through the history there.

One of the things she did was champion the California Governor’s climate change agenda. Also, she’s a big fan of Joe Biden and now has a city council that is more in tune with her after this election. That will allow her to spend more money on her social programs.

Idaho's Trigger Law

Mayor McLean said she made this election about progressive politics and running against Idaho’s Trigger Law. It’s not anything to do with guns. Idaho passed a law that said that if Roe v. Wade ever overturned abortion at the Supreme Court level, it would be illegal.

So, what does that mean for Mayor McLean? She stated that she would instruct the Boise Police Department to refrain from following or investigating possible violations of the Trigger Law. So, abortion is going to be entirely legal in Boise? So yeah, you get the mayor’s Marxist agendas, picking out who to go after. She’s picking winners and losers not based on the rule of law but on political ideology.

Gosh, where have we heard that before? The weaponization of the judicial system? The law enforcement system? Oh my gosh, thanks, people in Boise!

Idaho Elections

Idaho Freedom Foundation sent out a little newsletter, which caught my attention. “Elections are rigged in Idaho.” Well, it’s very accurate.

We’re talking about a system that is designed to favor leftist candidates in local odd-year elections. And that’s what we had this time. President Wayne Hoffman said that conservatives got beat in local elections because the system is rigged for leftists. He said candidates from the right got their butts handed to them.

What about the city council school board races statewide? One of the reasons is that local non-partisan races are primarily a farce. So yeah, our down-ticket races are non-partisan. Many people go to vote for all the D’s or all the R’s. They’re happy because they don’t spend much time figuring out what a person is about.

In these non-partisan races, you’ll get people who sound great and conservative. This has happened before, but they’re very, very liberal. They’re not what they sound like.

We’ve had very Marxist people try to get into the school boards and things like that. But because they don’t have that little R by their name, they’re not vetted by a party.

I assume the Democrats are like this, but I know some people on the Republican Central committees vet their local candidates. Then, they’ll put out information based on their interviews with these people. And you don’t get that in these non-partisan races because they’re non-partisan.

School board elections bring out government school employees. The school employer says, “Hey, you need to go out and vote for this, just like we told you because it will affect your bottom line.” Also, government employees are voters, and they’re more likely to vote for leftist candidates.

It’s particularly true in Boise because we have so many different levels of government there. After all, it is the state capital. They dilute the voting power of ordinary voters who may be less inclined to vote in odd-year elections. So, what does that mean?

Average voters should be more focused and energetic about getting out there and voting. Wayne has some solutions, and I invite you to go to idahofreedom.org and check this out and see if anything there sounds good.

Sen. Tammy Nichols Newsletter

Now, we do have some great legislators here in Idaho. One of them is Senator Tammy Nichols from Middleton. She sent out a newsletter talking about the elections.

So, Tammy’s reporting that an out-of-state group has been going around at these various legislative districts, knocking on doors and handing out flyers packed with lies. One was delivered to my house, and I was talking to the young kid from Utah. Somebody paid him to come here and distribute these things to particular neighborhoods.

I’ve talked with Brian Lenny and Tammy Nichols about it, and everything here is a lie. So, gosh, what do we make of that? Well, is it all bad news?

Moving to Idaho Soon?

Yeah, there’s a lot of bad news there, don’t get me wrong. But suppose you’re moving up to Idaho, and you’re conservative. In that case, you might want to consider the silver lining: Across the valley, over here in Canyon County, we’re much more conservative in almost everything we do. The creepy Marxism doesn’t have a toehold here.

Case in point: During the COVID, Mayor McLean forced people to wear masks. She was picking and choosing which businesses had to be shut down. It’s like, “Really?” She’s just going to take the family business that you had for generations and say, “Too bad, so sad?”

Over here in Canyon County — Nampa, Caldwell, and Middleton — we did not have one government edict for closing down. We never had one government edict for masking up. And that’s just the difference between Canyon County and Ada County, between Nampa, Caldwell, and Boise.

Oh, another bonus: Your housing dollar goes much further in Canyon County. You could get the same house in Boise in Nampa, typically $100,000 to $125,000 less. Now, don’t get me wrong…

If you’re a lib and maybe borderline Marxist, and you want to live in Boise and have nothing but money to spend, I’m going to be more than happy to help you. I can help you find the very best house possible. But I’m your guy if you’re more conservative and like to get the most value for your dollar. We’ve got places that you’re going to love.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. We need your help up here. Marxists and leftists are trying to turn Idaho into what Arizona, Colorado, and Texas have already become. We’re far from the level of California, Oregon, or Washington, but we don’t want to come close.

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4 Responses

  1. We’re very conservative and that’s the main reason for retirement here from Commiefornia. We have noticed it seems like very few people vote here, not sure. And we don’t see voting information about candidates and measures mailed out to everyone so we can read about them. I do believe Congressman Simpson is a RINO and not happy with his decisions since we’ve been here.

    1. First thing, Tim… welcome back to America!! Yes, I think some Californians (or anyone from a “blue” area) get here and are happy that they now have more freedom than they did before. That might be why they don’t get involved. But there are others who have come here and DO get involved because they don’t want Idaho to turn Marxist. You are absolutely right about Simpson… he’s a RINO but the native Idahoans in his district just see that he brings home the bacon. They are like the frogs in the pot of water and they don’t feel how hot it’s getting. Frogs from California know better than to even get in the pot to start with!! Tim, if you want to get involved locally, I can give you the contact info for other Californians who have moved here and are actually out there making a difference. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Hi Dave, we sure would like more information as we ate interested in moving to Star, Meridian, or Nampa. We are looking at May/ June. We sure hope Idaho or Ada County are not changing to blue like California. Our plan is to move to a red state. We’ve been in contact with Mareen. But if it’s changing, we might reconsider. It’s bad enough in California. We don’t want to go to where it is changing to Marxist! Keep us informed please. We heard about Boise which is sad but if it’s spreading, that is very scary. We want to be in a safe red state and area

    1. Hi Deena!
      As much as I and others complain about things here in Idaho… even Boise and Ada County… it’s still SOOOO much better than what you’ll find in “Blue” areas and states. AND that’s why we complain about these things… so that we don’t go down that path towards Marxism! You can really tell the people here who get active and involved to keep Idaho conservative because so many of them came from California or Oregon or Washington. I have no doubt that when you get here, you’ll want to get involved to some degree… maybe just supporting conservative candidates for local offices or, as my wife does, walks neighborhoods and passes out campaign fliers for GOOD candidates… or even just becoming knowledgeable so you know the best way to vote.
      My guess is… based upon all the places I’ve been (I used to be a long-haul trucker!), Idaho will be the last state to flip Marxist. Here’s an article from last week that talks about this: https://www.wweek.com/news/2023/12/03/new-data-show-red-wave-washing-into-idaho/
      I’m really looking forward to you guys checking out Idaho in-person. Within 1 day, you’re going to have such an understanding of what it’s like here… your worries will just wash away!
      All the best!!

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