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Best Places to Eat in Nampa & Caldwell

20 Places to Eat in Nampa and Caldwell

It’s been a hard day, and I’m hungry. So what should we do about that? Let’s find out next.

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave. Where’s an excellent place to eat near me in Nampa and Caldwell, Idaho

This caught my eye: “20 of the Nampa and Caldwell’s top-rated restaurants for 2023”. So let’s check out what they say is good, and I’ll tell you my opinion too.

1. Brick 29

Brick 29 is number one of the best places to eat near me. It’s on the third floor of the building. You go through the main door, someone greets you, and then you take the elevator up. The nice thing about Brick 29 is the healthy, tasty food at a reasonable price.

You can look across the entire Treasure Valley through the restaurant’s windows. Brick 29 is a fantastic place to go if you have some special occasion you need to celebrate. You might want to make reservations, but I’ve never had a problem getting in for lunch.

2. Thailand Express

I have been there for their Pad Thai; it was a nice restaurant for family. It’s usually packed as heck. That may be why the bench is out front, but I would give it two thumbs up.

3. Tower Grill

The Tower Grill is in Nampa. It has a runway on one side. You could sit on the upper deck and eat breakfast or lunch and look out and watch the planes come in and take off. You might get lucky and find some old-timers, some old pilots, talking and telling stories. There are plenty of memorabilia on the walls too. The price is excellent, and the food is great.

4. Burger Theory

I’ve only been there once, and it was okay. I got to say that I got burnt out on burgers. I used to work at Wendy’s, so I had my share of burgers. But don’t tell anybody.

5. Egg Factory

Yep, this is the one over on the Boulevard. We’ve got another Egg Factory within a third of a mile from my office, so it’s one of the restaurants near me. It’s the same people and the food’s good. We’ve taken so many people there, especially for birthdays. 

Have you noticed that the ones we’ve discussed are all local chains and mom-and-pop restaurants? They’re not some national chains.

6. Texas Roadhouse

And then we get to Texas Roadhouse, which is a national franchise. Their little buns with that bit of cinnamon butter are excellent.

7. LeBaron's Honkers Cafe

We return to one of these mom-and-pop restaurants nearby, LeBaron’s Honkers Cafe. This is in downtown Nampa, just two blocks from the farmer’s market, just a corner from the library complex. If you’re out walking around, there are some thrift stores in the area too. It’s an excellent restaurant for breakfast near me to pop in and get a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll.

8. Little Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant

Funny enough, the Little Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant is a restaurant nearby — right across the street from LeBaron’s Cafe. Mrs. Treasure Valley Dave and I went there recently. Gosh, I do eat out a lot, don’t I? But that was good food.

9. Olive Garden

This national chain is carb central right there. The food tastes good and fills a need. It’s a great restaurant close to me.

10. Jalapeños Bar & Grill

This restaurant with bar near me got some delicious food. We have great memories with friends in that restaurant near me too.

11. Mr. V's Restaurant

So this is Mr. V’s. This is among the restaurants open near me that have some stuff that is not on the menu. They have their chicken pot pie — sometimes they have it, but that’s off the menu. And if they have it, it’s worth getting.

12. The Orchard House

The Orchard House is west of Caldwell/Nampa, on Sunnyslope. If you’re standing out of this restaurant open near me, you look down the road, and you can see Lizard Butte. That gives you an idea of where it’s at.

The restaurant looks over the Snake River Valley. It’s charming. The food is good. Get the pretzel and then the dipping sauce. And they’re such good people there. Every time I go in, it’s fantastic.

13. Hamburger Connection

So there’s no place to sit in the restaurant except for these tables outside. And in the summer, you don’t want to do that. But you can go, and you can stand and have the food. 

There are usually cars backed up for this place. They’ve got good hamburgers, and fries are great, but it’s their huckleberry shakes that they’re best known for. It’s also right across from the library, so you can go over there and buy some used books or something like that. Hamburger Connection is another mom-and-pop place.

14. Amano

Amano is a newer restaurant that I have yet to go to. So when you come here, remind me, and we’ll go there for a nice lunch because I need to check it out.

15. Idaho Pizza Company

It’s a local chain that they have in quite a few places. We have one that’s, again, just very close to our place — not even half a mile away. I see everybody there.

16. Chop Shop BBQ

One of my friends has been there, but I haven’t. I need to check it out for scientific purposes only.

17. Sunrise Family Restaurant

The Sunrise Family Restaurant is very nice; I’ve always enjoyed going there.

18. Janitzio Restaurant

Janitizio Restaurant is just on the Fifth, from downtown Caldwell, which is so good.

19. Grit 2C

I also saw more friends at Grit2C and had some excellent food in this restaurant.

20. Indian Creek Steak House

Everybody knows about Indian Creek Restaurant and Steakhouse. They have the state’s largest dance floor. They’re always doing stuff. The food’s good. 

Indian Creek is in downtown Caldwell. You walk by there, and you’ll instantly get hungry. There’s no question about that.

Wrapping Up

Those are 20 good places. A vast majority of them are local chains — mom-and-pop places. Just a couple of national franchises in there. Why is that? You can see my video on having a small business here in the area. It’s much different than where you’re from right now. 

Anyway, thanks for coming along. I’m hungry now, and I need to do something about that. If you like this video, hit like. If you haven’t, subscribe to the channel, or contact us with any questions about a possible move to Idaho. Until next time, it’s Treasure Valley Dave.

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