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Are You Making These 4 Moving to Idaho Mistakes?

You’ve probably heard about moving mistakes people have made. You yourself have probably made some moving mistakes. Here’s 4 common mistakes people make when moving to Idaho.

Moving to Idaho Mistake #1: not planning ahead


If you’ve ever planned a move you know there can be a lot of layers. How much preparation you need in order to move really depends on when, where, and how you are moving.

When You Are Moving to Idaho

You might have heard that Idaho has bad weather on the winter. While this statement isn’t totally false, it isn’t necessarily totally true either. Sure, Northern Idaho and the South Eastern end of the state have some pretty intense winters. However, the Treasure Valley (Boise Area) was relatively mild winters (with some exceptions). If possible, move in the warmer months. If it’s not an option, drive carefully, have chains on hand just in case, and pack an emergency kit for when you are on the road. While it’s not necessarily common to wreck because of black ice on some of the highways that lead to Idaho, they have been known to happen time to time.

Where You Moving to in Idaho

As mentioned above, planning around the weather in different areas of Idaho is important. Our springs and summers are pretty sunny. In some areas of Idaho there are heavy wind areas. You might experience some strong gusts traveling in between Mountain Home and Boise for example.

How You Are Moving to Idaho

Are you planning on hiring a moving company to help you relocate to Idaho? Are you packing everything yourself? Do you have a ton of cars to drive up or will you ship them? Will you rent a moving truck? Or will you use a privately owned trailer or truck? All of these questions are critical to know the answers to when planning your move to Idaho. Knowing these answers will help you budget and develop a plan of attack.

Moving Mistake #2: not preparing for the weather


We get it. In California you wore sandals and a tank top year round. As you probably guessed, this will not be the case in Idaho. If you are used to storing a lot of your belongings outside during the winter months, know that you probably won’t want to do this at your new home. Depending on what you store outside, the snow might cause rust and deteriorate it, or just stain it altogether. You probably won’t want to store your lawn mower outside without emptying the fuel tank for example. Be sure you research some winterization tips for home owners when you get here too!

Moving Mistake #3: not hiring the right moving company


As always do your due diligence. The best way to make sure you get the best moving company? Ask your real estate agent. They will be sure to make a recommendation that many of their past clients have used. Check Google reviews and Yelp to back up the advice from the agent and if the reviews are overall positive, you generally can feel good about that particular company. Remember, things happen and no company or person is perfect. Several of our clients have used Boise Boys Moving and have been very happy with the service, here’s what one of them said, “we used Boise Boys and they were great. It was the holidays and our move date kept getting shifted but they worked with us through it all! And the awful weather! 🙂” If you’re looking at moving soon be sure to give them a call at (208) 888-9643!

Moving Mistake #4: not packing correctly

Packing Correctly

Ever had a bagger at the grocery store put your bread or eggs in the bottom of the bag? It’s like a sabotage waiting to happen. Well, we recommend not sabotaging yourself and pack the right way. Wrap your fragile items. Use blankets on furniture and on electronics (computers and tv’s). Always load the truck with the bigger items first so that you can stack boxes on them. Want to know a helpful tip for saving time when it comes to putting things away in your new home?

Use colored labels on boxes to categorize them by location in your new home. For example, put a blue sticker on “Tony’s” boxes and a matching sticker on Tony’s bedroom door. Let the people helping you move know the system you have in place and moving will go so much smoother! You’ll be surprised when never hear, “where does this go?”

What other mistakes have you seen or heard of when it comes to moving? We’d love to know! Tell us about them in the comments!

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