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Why Aaron Decided to Move to Idaho and Leave California Behind


Aaron relocated to the Boise, ID area in 2016

He was stationed at Mountain Home AFB for four years and during that time would visit the Boise Costco and catch a movie on the weekends. Aaron grew up in California but after having visited Boise throughout his enlistment, he knew he never wanted to leave. 


What stuck out to Aaron the most about Boise was the people. He felt that everyone in the area was more patient and a little nicer to all of those around them. It was just a different kind of place. 


After separating from the military he moved to Caldwell and started his career in Marketing with a local business owner. As his skills grew he found his way to the Treasure Valley Dave team where he continues to share his love for the Boise Area and how his experience living here compares to living in California.