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5 Reasons to Find Your Dream Home in Nampa Idaho

5 Reasons to Find Your Dream Home in Nampa

Hi, Dave Edwards, your real estate agent in Nampa, Idaho. I want to talk about the five reasons why you should find your dream home here, according to the Chamber of Commerce. 

In their recent magazine, the Nampa Chamber of Commerce explains why you should call Nampa home. That’s pretty interesting. GoGo SqueeZ… Hey, we’ve got a client that works there now. They say it’s a great place to work. And they’re hiring! Pretty cool. 

So this magazine covers all sorts of things. Hey, there’s the Ford Idaho Center. They’re always having something going on over there. Here we are at the Flying M coffee house, and they have more than coffee. This is what we’re talking about today: the five reasons to call Nampa home. 

So, “If you like living near the great outdoors and being close to a thriving downtown and vibrant restaurants, shops, and businesses, Nampa might be the place for you.” 

That’s true. We do have that small-town feel. Much of that is attributed to our traditional old town that grew up over decades and decades. And, we’re just minutes away from all sorts of outdoor activities, plus business-friendly.

1. Family-Friendly

“Everything you want and need in a city can be found in Nampa — minus the big city feel.” Hey, we were talking about that. “Nampa’s nickname is “The Heart of the Treasure Valley.”” That’s true; I saw it on a sign. It’s probably on the internet somewhere. Ha! “And its natural beauty is evident in all directions. The city features a low cost of living, with an average home price of $424,000.” That is of October 2022. 

Is that still accurate? Yeah, since October, prices have come down over the holidays. And then, after the New Year, they started holding steady and coming back up. 

Do you have to spend $424,000 to get a house in Nampa? No, you sure don’t. You could get around the $350,000-$375,000 range, but you could spend $425,000. You don’t have to pay more than that. 

“Nampa’s population recently surpassed 100,000 residents. It says it’s 106,000 right now. “An important factor that national retailers and big industries seek when relocating to a city.” So they’re talking about businesses, which is a good point. 

If your town is tiny, you won’t have businesses coming to it. There may not even be a grocery store in town. So, a little bit of size to your city is decent. I remember while living in California, a town of 100,000 is nothing. I lived in a town of 100,000 people, and it was just another one of the hundreds and hundreds of regular old towns you’ve never even heard of. The only difference is that we had two prisons there that were always on TV. 

In the Bay Area, over nine million people are in the half-dozen counties. So 100,000 people should give you an idea that we’re not that big, but we’re big enough to have the stuff you want.

2. Brain Power

“The Nampa region has a young, talented, and growing workforce, and the community is lucky to have its students receive their education at the standout K-12 Nampa School District.” That’s always true. 


“Also, partly in Nampa is Vallivue School District.” That’s true. They’ve got four elementary schools on the northern edge of Nampa now. “Additionally, the area has more than 14 higher education institutions.” That’s right here in Nampa. 


My daughter went to school in the Nampa School District — just a regular public high school — and I was amazed at all the different programs they have there. A student can take these dual credit classes throughout high school. They’ll graduate simultaneously with a two-year college degree when they graduate high school. 


Guess how much it costs the parents? Nothing. Absolutely free. 


Brain power is a big thing that they’ve got right here. Plus, it’s such a beautiful place to be. A lot of brainiacs would like to live in a nice place.

3. Workforce Pipeline

“A pro-business way of thinking has attracted many companies to Nampa. Therefore, the city has developed a diverse economy.” 


Well, that’s true. You can get almost anything here. We don’t have an IKEA, but we do have a Chick-fil-A. You’ll have to go to the next town to get an In-N-Out. We have yet to get one here. 


Me? That’s fine. I’ll go over to Blazen Burgers and be happy, thank you very much. “Nampa has always featured a strong agricultural base with the production of sweet corn seed, livestock, dairy, alfalfa, and wine grapes. Now, the other thriving business sectors attracting young talent include advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, healthcare, food processing, retail, education, and construction.” 


Let’s say you’re in your 40s to 50s, and your kids will graduate high school. There are plenty of jobs for you and the kids. And when they get a good job, they move out and don’t stay in the basement. It all works out. Very nice.

4. Plenty to Do

“Nampa is graced with outdoor beauty, and residents have many places to enjoy the great outdoors. The city features 27 parks and 14 miles of pedestrian pathways, and golfers can hit the fairways at Centennial and Ridgecrest Golf Courses. Wilson Springs is a 55-acre nature park that features trails and fishing ponds, and the largest park in Nampa is Lakeview Park, which has a swimming pool, water park, 1,000-seat amphitheater, sports fields, BMX track, basketball courts, and a playground.” And ducks. They’ve got ducks. Ha!


So, yes, there’s that shortlist and much more to do. We also have escape rooms, arcades, and a roller skating rink next to downtown Nampa. So far, four out of four, I’m right along with these people.

5. Delightful Downtown

Ooo, I knew we’d get to the downtown. “City officials have prioritized revitalizing downtown Nampa, and their efforts are easy to see. The district has a new library, public art displays, and streetscape upgrades. Other attractions include restaurants, galleries, residences, live entertainment venues and nightspots, Nampa Farmer’s Market, Lloyd’s Square, Wall Street Plaza, and the Nampa Train Depot Museum.” 

Those are all great things. It does bring a lot to downtown Nampa. The farmer’s market is a great thing to go to. It’s every Saturday morning, gosh, from early spring till late fall for most of the year. 

Another thing I do like about downtown is the Train Depot Museum. Volunteers staff it. They have some great stories and no problem answering all your questions and weaving in some pretty decent yarns.

Would You Move to Nampa?

Those are the five reasons you should find your dream home in Nampa. Can you think of any more? Are there any of these that you disagree with?

Some other things worth checking out here are:

  • Wine Country
  • Lizard Butte
  • Tech companies
  • Stampede Rodeo
  • Warhawk Museum
  • Nampa Civic Center
  • Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho
  • Lake Lowell
  • Community Colleges

We already talked about how great the outdoors is here, and it is. We have healthy, vital, and local healthcare as well. We have a vet clinic in Caldwell just a few miles away if you need a vet. And then the big hospital, VA Hospital, is in downtown Boise. 

This stuff will be necessary if you’re bringing your business up here: the demographics, the workforce. 

Wow, that was a great magazine. It gets your brain thinking, “Maybe when I move to Idaho, I want to move to Nampa.” 

Well, it’s certainly worth checking out. Some other places to look into are Caldwell, Meridian, and Middleton. Still, Nampa is a little special. I like it. 

When considering moving to Idaho, check out our great resources. Contact us — we’d be glad to answer all your questions and find out if Idaho’s the place for you and if Nampa might be on your shortlist. That would be great. 

As always, hey, this is Treasure Valley Dave. Looking forward to helping you get home.

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