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3 Reasons NOT to Leave California for Idaho

Want to Leave California for Idaho?

Hi! It’s Dave Edwards, a real estate agent in Nampa, Idaho, looking forward to helping you buy or sell your next home. Today, I want to discuss a video created by Carl DeMaio (a former politician) about the three reasons you don’t want to leave California. 

3 Reasons Why You May Want to Leave California

1. It’s Expensive to Live in California

This is the #1 reason why people are leaving. The cost of living in the Golden State is 41% higher compared to the national average. 

2. California Housing is More Expensive

The taxed commodity there is much higher than anywhere else. Even if you can afford to live within the state, you may be unable to stomach staying in California. 

3. The Rate of Violent Crime and Homelessness is High

So, crime and homelessness are a couple more reasons people want to leave California. There is little quality of life there. 

Is This True?

The data calculates people moving into the state minus those moving out. The net migration — a quarter million people — goes up to the last year, 2020 to 2021.

All of this has led a lot of common-sense Californians to move to Idaho and other states. That number comprises the people who could afford to leave California. Those are the producing people, the tax-paying people, and the people who have businesses and are employers. Those are some of the big chunks of the millions who left. 

California’s Massive Problem

People are leaving and practically voting with their feet. There’s even a Facebook group called “Leaving California,” which already has 100,000 members. It’s an active group where people who want to leave — or have already left — the state discuss their issues and frustrations.

The former politician further discusses one of his friends who moved to Florida. It’s a beautiful state where the government respects the citizens’ freedom. They don’t want to tax residents from every angle.

Despite all that, Carl DeMaio still encourages people to stay in California. Why?

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Leave California

1. “There is No Safe Space.”

He means that for every conservative that leaves California for another state, there’s also a liberal going with them. So that liberal is going to screw up the new state. And before you know it, the state that you move to to escape the corruption and all that’s going on in California will be in your new location. 

Well, that’s a little disingenuous. Carl says that so many places have had a shift in politics (and that’s very true), making red states purple — if not blue. We have seen that with Colorado. We’re seeing that with a large part of Texas and Arizona. 

Do you remember that last election? They keep finding votes until it turns blue. 

How Does It Compare to Voting in Idaho?

Idaho is getting more conservative. The previous chairperson of the Idaho Republican party had said that the people moving from California are making Idaho more conservative. During the last election in November, we ended up electing the most conservative state senate we’ve ever had. 

The House has always been a substantial conservative faction. But you know what? There are a lot of Republicans in the Idaho House and the Senate, but there are also a lot of RINOs. So, we need your help to eliminate those RINOs, and we can’t do it without you. 

You know what that corruption looks like, and you can spot it in the candidates. You’ll make the right decision when it comes time to vote.

2. “We Can Actually Win.”

Carl DeMaio says you should stay in California because you can help turn the tides. Well, if it’s going to happen, it would’ve happened before now, right? Before the Democrats got a supermajority in the entire government of California. 

He also says that the gains they made in the congressional seats in California transferred over to kicking Nancy Pelosi out as Speaker of the House in the last election. That’s a bold statement. Does that mean that if the Democrats take over Congress next time, it will be California’s fault? 

He said there were five Republicans in California, and we have a five-Republican majority in the Congress. I don’t know — I think that’s pretty flimsy right there. 

Carl also says that if you move to another state, you won’t be far from liberal politics for very long. That’s not true because it depends on where you go. Sure, if you go to Phoenix, you’re done. But if you come to Idaho, not only is there a fighting chance, but we’ve got the RINOs scared. 

California Has “A Dumpster Fire of a Republican Party”

So, you’ve got the Democrats, the supermajority, and the Republican party, a dumpster fire run by consultants just in it for the money. 

He says that staying and fighting is a great thing to do. And then he told us that it’s just not going to work. 

Still, I agree with Carl once he mentioned that schools are not giving both sides of the story to the students — the future voters. Because of that, young liberal Democrat voters register and go to the polls yearly. So, yep, that’s disheartening as well.

3. “California is so Blessed.”

According to the former politician, California is blessed for many reasons besides its natural beauty. Indeed, it’s one of the most — if not THE most — coveted states in the U.S. for decades. He does not believe a safe, prosperous, and healthy America can exist while we still have a sick California. 

Well, that’s very true. We can’t have a healthy, safe, prosperous America with a sick California. 

Maybe we need to build the wall. I don’t know — it sounds a bit wild. But if California wants to act like their own country, then maybe we should start treating them like that. Perhaps we should treat them like that if they want to be hostile. 

So, can you imagine? You’re there in East Berlin every day, watching the wall get built brick by brick. Then, one day, you go, “You know what? Things are getting pretty bad. What can I do?” 

What Can You Do?

At that point, you could go across to the other side or stay. 

If you stay, what’s going to happen? Well, you just changed your entire family tree. You’ll be in misery for generations. You won’t have anything, and it won’t be pretty. 

But say on that fateful day, you take the steps to the other side, and then what? You have freedom. Well, as much freedom as we can have, but you can participate. You can make life better for yourself and the next generations. You took that step to change the lives of so many people. 

Move to Idaho Soon

So, just do it! Get out of California before someone wakes up and puts up that wall. I don’t know who it would be, but I don’t want to be on the wrong side that day. 

Anyway, how many reasons resonated with you? Are there any more reasons why you should stay in California? Or do you think it’s time to find another place? 

And if that other place is Idaho, contact us, and we’ll give you some information about living here. Let me share some relocation stories of me and some of my other clients and see if this is right for you. 

Until next time, this is Treasure Valley Dave, looking forward to helping you get home.

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  1. I agree with you staying and “fighting” with all of the voter fraud, open borders, and indoctrination centers (schools), is a lesson in futility.

    1. Thanks, Gail! Not that Idaho is perfect, but at least here we can fight and win against the “progressives”. But we do have to fight… and we could sure use the help of conservatives who can move here and fight too!

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