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11 Free Things to Do in Nampa Idaho


Hey, Dave Edwards here, Treasure Valley Dave. I just came across this great article just this morning, the first day of winter, about 15 free things to do in Nampa, Idaho. There are 11 of them in the article, to be specific, but I want to accompany that with some actual on-the-seen video footage to get a complete picture of what Nampa is all about.

What’s Nampa Like in Winter?

We’re in downtown Nampa, by the train depot, and there’s our Christmas tree for the year. It’s the first day of winter; we’ll all start to get the feels. We also got some snow for you. It’s 40 degrees right now; the sun shines to break through.

Nampa is a small but bustling city. It’s 20 miles to the west of Boise, Idaho. They say we have 240,000 people here, but that’s not true. We perhaps have a hair over 100,000. We also have fabulous wineries and vineyards, home to gorgeous parks, landmarks, and street art.

Now, let’s go down the list.

1. Lake Lowell Park

Lake Lowell is a little park across the Street. It has excellent restaurants, a little place to have your picnic. There isn’t much going on around here, but it’s quiet. Just imagine, if you get any of the benches in the park and sit with a bucket of KFC, you can eat and look out over the lake. So yeah, that’s pretty cool.

You can see for miles and miles. This is a great place to go to in the summer or anytime. The park is so peaceful, serene, and calm. And did I say it’s clean? 

What the article says about this place is: “Embrace the outdoors at Lake Lowell. [It] is a small but charming lake [perpendicular to the] Lake Avenue.” 

Some of the best activities in this lake are:

  • Sightseeing
  • Bird watching
  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Fishing

There are numerous access points along the lake, and you can go around the perimeter, and several boat launches are across. 

The article also says, “Keep your eyes peeled for various animals, birds, and mammals.” 

2. Idaho Dog Park

Idaho Dog Park is a cute little place. You can bring your fur babies; they can get out and get some fresh air. This is free, situated along 2nd Street. 

“It’s a safe place to let your dog enjoy the outdoors. It’s been open since 2009. The dog park has welcomed countless dogs who want fun inside a safe, fully fenced facility in the heart of Nampa. Since it’s an off-leash park, your dog will have fun doing Zoomies with other dogs.” 

You have many reasons to bring your dog to the Nampa dog park. There are shade places, and of course, in the spring, the trees will be leafed out and relaxing for the animals and their humans.

3. Lakeview Park

There is a little snow today, but it’s not terrible. There’s room for sitting; you and your family can visit this park.

“Lakeview Park is a 44-acre park that once served as a homestead and has been open since 1888. It features lush green space, picnic areas, and a rose garden.” You can also go fishing and play sports and don’t have to spend a single penny.

4. Wilson Springs Ponds

This is a beautiful pond with a walking path that goes around. You can do a lot of walking out here. It also hooks up with one of the green belts. (This city has tons of green belts.)

It’s a charming pocket of nature, yes. It encompasses 55 acres and marshy pastures. Right across the Street is the hatchery, where they grow fish. You can go to the ponds to fish for bluegill, largemouth bass, and trout. You can also enjoy sightseeing at the South Pond. There are no graffitis, urban campers — it’s just nature.

5. Nampa Greenbelt

A greenbelt is a general term for all our walking paths. Over by the Nampa senior fitness center (right off 12th Street), they have this big jogging/biking path that goes all the way around. 

“This is an excellent place for a worthwhile hike during your visit to Nampa.” This is an excellent place to do your morning walk. There’s a slight elevation too. Can you imagine living in Nampa, specifically right off of this place? 

6. Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

This is at the other end of Lake Lowell. There is a lovely information building and some trails, and you can see for miles and miles. So any time of the year, coming out here is excellent. 

The write-up says we have a natural area where local flora and fauna thrive. “You can visit this wildlife refuge along the Upper Embankment Road. This is your go-to place if you’re searching for an outdoor adventure in Nampa.” You’ll spot mammals and birds and small reptiles. They also have picnic areas.

It features local flora and fauna, birds, small reptiles, and fantastic scenery. You’ll have to come to check it out! We also did a walkthrough tour ourselves!

7. Snake River Canyon Scenic Byway

This location is slightly different as it’s a drive along the Snake Rive Canyon’s Scenic Byway. You start by going on Highway 45, south of Nampa. “It’s a must-visit location when visiting Nampa. This 50-mile route traverses Idaho’s Highway 45, which takes you back to country roads.” We won’t go to the country roads, but it’ll give you a taste of how to get there. 

“Exploring this byway shows you a rich tapestry of scenic locations and people, places, and showcases Idaho’s genuine beauty.” Don’t forget to stop by the gorgeous locations on the way. Going further south, there isn’t much to see on the road. I could see more development out here in the future, and they got this great road to bring people in. Off the left, there is already a little subdivision that sits on an acre or two. 

Of course, you can’t have a Snake River Scenic Byway without the Snake River. You can spend a day having fun, checking it out, and looking around. You can also go fishing here like one of my buddies.

8. Wilson Pathway

Wilson Pathway goes on for miles. I’ve shown many houses that back up to Wilson Pathway. It’s so serene and quiet and clean. When summer or spring comes, it all turns nice and green. It will be quite a treat. 

“Wilson Pathway is perfect for buffs to sweat it out. It spans over three miles. It’s been used by the locals since the 1990s, a worthwhile place engaged in outdoor activities such as jogging or hiking.” 

9. Osborne Park

When they have National Night Out, this is where they come. The fire trucks sit on the Street; kids, karaoke, and other stuff scatter around in the park. There’s a walking path next to the creek, and you can see more picnic tables and benches across the park.

“Many locals, particularly disc golfers, love playing at this twin nine-hole disc golf course.” It spans over 11 acres. If you’re unfamiliar with disc golf, you can still enjoy watching the locals play. 

10. Liberty Park

“[Liberty Park] is known for its top-notch playground equipment.” They have a shelter for picnics and restrooms, and it also looks like they have a soccer setup and basketball. 

“Numerous features [guarantee] your toddler a blast. It’s also known for its idyllic location, making it another worthwhile place to spend your time for free in Nampa.” And just another quarter mile over is 12th, where you have all sorts of food places to eat in Nampa. 

11. West Roosevelt Skatepark

This skate park is right over at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary School. The Nampa Youth Coalition and Sally Reese Foundation funded the construction of the skate park back in 2004. 

If you’re an avid skater, you don’t want to miss the skate park in Nampa and join fellow skaters in a day of doing tricks. After all, it has the features you want in a skate park, such as ramps, rails, ledges, stairs, pipes, and more. 

Wrapping Up

If you’re thinking about Idaho, or it’s a place you want to check out because you’ve heard many good things about it, contact us. You can also call or text me at 208-860-2004 or email our team at info@tresurevalleydave.com. We’ve all moved here from somewhere else and are so glad we did.

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