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10 Shocking Reasons Why Idaho Is Better Than New York City

Why Idaho Is Better Than New York City

Hey, Dave Edwards, Treasure Valley Dave here in Nampa, Idaho. There are always stories about the 10 best, the 10 worst, and the five things you need to know about. This is similar, although it’s more like a review of an article by our buddy, Kevin Miller. I thought reading the “10 Shocking Reasons Why Idaho Is Superior to New York City” was entertaining, so I wanted to share it with you.

10 Reasons Why Idaho Is Superior to New York City

Isn’t NYC where they make the salsa? I don’t know. So anyway, Kevin Miller will go through these, and I’d like to know what you think. Is he right? And do you see any parallels with where you are, say, in California, Oregon, Washington, or maybe the new Southern California they call Phoenix? So let’s break it down.

Idaho Has Food Trucks

If New York City has hotdog stands, Idaho has food trucks. Boy, that’s the truth.

Idaho Has a Welcome Sign

While New York City has giant signs, Idaho has a “Welcome to Idaho” sign. So you can see it’s well-loved, huh? That’s cool.

Idaho Is Not Crowded

New York City is crowded. Yeah, I understand — that’s true. Meanwhile, Idaho is not. I agree with you on that one, Kevin Miller.

Idaho Has Cowboys

New York City has Hare Krishnas. With that many people, you got just about something from everybody represented there. Meanwhile, Idaho has cowboys. Yep, that’s true.

Idaho Doesn't Have Costumed Characters

New York City has costumed characters, and I’m sure they’ve got a lot of characters there. However, Idahoans do not dress up as superheroes. You’ve probably heard me say this before: “Not all superheroes wear capes.” Case in point for almost everybody living in Idaho.

Idaho Has Friendly People

The article also says that New York City people are unfriendly. You have to look at that because they say California people aren’t pleasant either. But the ones who have moved here after leaving California are some of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet in your entire life. You’ll wonder, “Where were you in California when I was there?” It could be like this in New York, where you’re just so on guard that your cortisol is through the roof. You’re so stressed out and don’t dare be vulnerable enough to be friendly to somebody. 

That’s not like that here in Idaho, though. Idahoans are very friendly. Yes, yes, we are. Even if it’s Californians who moved up here, they’re still Idahoans at heart.

Idaho Has Big Trucks

New York City has strange cars on the road. Aren’t they on the road because they can’t find a place to park?

Idahoans, on the other hand, drive big trucks. That’s true. Shout out to my buddy Sylvia. She’s a little tiny lady in a great big truck. I know this is true.

Idaho Has No Traffic

New York City has too much traffic, while Idaho has no traffic. 

We have a skosh amount in the mornings during rush hour and maybe going home at night. However, if you consider your experience with the traffic in 405, New York City, Sacramento, or San Francisco, there’s no traffic in Idaho.

Idaho Doesn't Have Weed Smokers

New York people smoke weed — I’m sure that’s true. Meanwhile, do Idaho people not smoke weed? Well, I don’t know. 

I hear there are a lot of people who scurry across the border to Oregon, where weed is legal. And I guess there are a lot of Idaho license plates in those parking lots of stores selling Oregon pot. But our governor, Brad Little, doesn’t want weed in the state, so I don’t see that becoming a thing here.

Idaho Has Potato Chips

New York City has strange chips, although I won’t say they look bad. Do you know avocado’s brain food? I’ve got some on backorder. 

Meanwhile, Idaho has potato chips. Yes, we do. And many of them, like the O’Boisies Potato Chip, are good.

Bonus: Silly Questions About Idaho

So that was 10 things better about Idaho than New York City. And for a bonus, I saw this next article here containing all these silly questions people ask about Idaho. They’re likely from people who don’t live in Idaho or have never been here.

  1. “I bet it’s impossible to drive up there with all the mountains in the snow, right?” — Is that where you guys find in Treasure Valley? 


  1. “I bet it’s cold, super cold. How cold is it all the way up there?” — It doesn’t get as cold as in North Texas. And that’s a southern border state. We’re a northern border state. 


  1. “Hey, how you been? How’s Iowa?” — Idaho, Iowa? People have no clue. 


  1. “So what’s it like, all the farms and stuff? Is there anything even to do there?” — I must tell you what… Let’s keep all the fun stuff up here a secret and say, “No, nothing to see here. Move along.”


  1. “Dude, I bet you eat so many potatoes. Are you tired of potatoes?” — Wow. Yep, we do have potatoes here. There’s no doubt about that.

  2. “Do you need tire chains for all the snow?” — Huh, tire chains? Nope. If you’re going to Idaho City in January, maybe, but down here in the valley, in the Flatlands around Boise, or Nampa, no — no snow in Nampa. Indeed, it’s not enough to warrant tire chains.

To Wrap Up

Hey, if you liked this video, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. That means so much; I appreciate that. Go to our website and check out some great resources there.

If you want to move to Idaho or find out if we are better than New York City, call us — we’ll be glad to help you however we can.

As always, this is Treasure Valley Dave, looking forward to helping you get home.

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